Cyberpunk 2077 Door Codes & Passwords

Get through security the easy way.

Cyberpunk 2077 has some secret doors that are locked, and you need to find the codes to these doors to open them and loot the stash locked behind them. Finding the passwords and codes for these doors is a huge pain, so here is a list of all the doors and their codes and passwords in Cyberpunk 2077.

Every door code and password in Cyberpunk 2077

We’ve listed all of the door codes and passwords in Cyberpunk 2077 based on the mission or map area where you’ll find them to make things easier.

Mission: Find a Way to Free Brick

The first door is in the mission ‘Find A Way to Free Brick’. You will come across a Militech Aegis Door. The code for this door is 9691.

Kabuki market secret door code (endgame)

There is a secret door in the Kabuki market, which can be opened after you have finished the main game or completed the “The Rescue” mission. The door is an Easter Egg put in by the Cyberpunk 2077 developers. The code to open this secret door is 605185.

Mission: Foot On The Hill

The third locked door is found in the mission ‘Foot on the Hill’ near the drive-in cinema, found northwest of North Oak. The password for this door is 0000, and you will find a Tarot card behind the door.

Mission: Violence

Next, we have the computer found in Riot Club in mission ‘Violence’. You can find this computer on the first floor in the Staff Only area. To access this computer, you need to get one of the employee IDs and then you can use the password on the ID to unlock the computer.

Mission: Don’t Lose Your Mind (Delamain HQ)

For the computer that is found in the small office in Delamain HQ, you can use the password 1234. You can enter the HQ in the mission ‘Don’t Lose your Mind’.

Mission: Chippin’in

You find a locked door in ‘Chippin’in’ mission. The door has no code or password. To unlock this, you need to fight and defeat Adam Smasher and use the shard that you get after the fight to unlock the door.

Ebunike Door

To unlock the Ebunike Door, you need to hack it. Even though the door has a Code pad on it, you only unlock this door by hacking it.

All Foods Plant

This secret door is found near the All Foods Plant in Watson. Look for the door in Nazare “Itsumade” Motorcycle shop. Use the code 0214 to unlock the door.

Mission: Play it Safe

There is a secret door on the 21st floor of the building in Westbrook Market. The room is located just before the ladder. Use the code 2906 to unlock it.

Arasaka Tower

There is a secret room under the Arasaka Tower – inside the Arasaka Memorial. Enter the code 2023 to unlock the door. This is a dev room with the names of Cyberpunk’s developers.

Mission: Prototype

There is a secret room located inside of the Longshore Skyscraper that you discover while playing the “Prototype” mission – part of the Phantom Library DLC. The door is just ahead of the entrance, and its code is 2045.

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