Cyberpunk 2077 Dogtown Saints Walkthrough

Help a messed up doctor helping the unfortunate or an unfortunate woman looking for answers?

While doing gigs to pass the time during Get It Together in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, you will pass a clinic being operated out of the main road instead of within a safe and sterile environment. Talking to the man in charge will start the Dogtown Saints quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

To find the Haven Clinic, you need to head to Montana de Oro Avenue. Over there, you will talk to Odell Blanco, the man Mr. Hands told you to talk to. The situation is bad and patients are struggling. However, the only doctor that the clinic had, Anthony Anderson has been locked inside the clinic by gang members who are making him do something.

Odel will tell you that the gang members came over because one of their members, Nika, wants Anderson to tell her where her brother is but Anderson refuses to give that information up. Now it is up to you to free Anderson in Cyberpunk 2077 Dogtown Saints and get rid of the gang members so the doctor can help the patients.

Enter the Haven Clinic

The actual clinic is exactly opposite of where Odell has set up a temporary shelter for the patients. However, getting inside the clinic is tricky as the front entrance is locked and there are enemies all around it.

To enter the clinic, you have to go to the left of the main entrance through a parking lot. You will see an open door here with guards around it. Either distract or kill them and you will be able to enter the Haven clinic.

Finding Dr Anderson

As you might have judged by the name, the clinic is basically operating out of a church so the interior will resemble that.

Once you are inside the clinic now you will come across a lot of scavs roaming the hallways or guarding areas. Sneak past them which is quite difficult or kill them all the choice is up to you. Ultimately the quest marker will take you to a staircase that leads into the basement of the clinic.

The basement hallway will take you to the door of the doctor’s office where two guards will be standing. Kill them and enter the office for a conversation.

Should you kill Nika in Dogtown Saints?

Cyberpunk 2077 Dogtown Saints Walkthrough

When you enter the office you will see that Nika has a gun to the doctor’s head and is asking for the whereabouts of her brother. She is threatening to kill Anderson. Your main objective of the gig is to ensure Anderson lives so either quickly kill Nika or try to defuse the situation.

If you pull out your weapon, Nika will focus on you and you will have to kill her here. If you choose to remain calm, Nika will start to beat up Anderson but you will have the option to convince Anderson to cooperate. Since the success of the mission relies on Anderson staying alive, doesn’t matter what state, you can allow Nika to beat him up a bit. I would recommend not killing Nika so you can have a proper conclusion to this story.

I managed to talk Nika down from killing him and then after some beating, Anderson revealed where her brother was. He will eventually allow you access to the clinic’s morgue where Nika’s brother can be found. Anderson had planned to harvest his body and use his implants on someone else who couldn’t afford them. A noble but messed up gesture.

Afterward talk to Anderson and the Cyberpunk 2077 Dogtown Saints gig will be completed and you get your reward from Mr. Hands.

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