Cyberpunk 2077 Dazed And Confused Walkthrough

A weird identity swap story awaits you in Dazed and Confused in Cyberpunk 2077.

One of the newly added side jobs in Cyberpunk 2077, Dazed and Confused, will have you working for Mr. Hands to rescue a celebrity by the name of Lina Malina. While on the surface it seems pretty straightforward but Dazed and Confused in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is far from that. See the request for rescue came from Lina Malina herself, while in captivity. And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the weirdness in this mission.

Head to the BD store

After talking to Mr. Hands, your first destination will be to find the BD store where Lina is apparently being held captive. The place will be on the top floor of the shopping complex in Dogtown, opposite the Pyramid/Heavy Hearts Club, and will have a huge Brainporium sign above it.

Rescue Lina from the BD store

As you enter the Brainporium in Dazed and Confused in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, you will see the area in shambles as if a fight broke out. No one will be around but you can go downstairs to investigate further. As you go downstairs, you will encounter two people, Tool and Shank. Tool will be dressed up like Lina and continue to insist that he is in fact the real Lina Malina and is being held against his will.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Dazed And Confused

At this point, Shank will ask you to follow him upstairs so he can discuss the situation. You will follow Shank and talk to him. Shank will tell you about Tool’s current mental state and why he keeps referring to himself as Lina. Shank will disclose that Tool is his friend and several days ago there was a power surge while Tool was inside one of Lina’s BDs. This caused a shift in consciousness and now Tool thinks he is the Lina Malina actress.

Now you have an option here to quickly end the Dazed and Mission mission by freeing Tool using the keycard to the door. This will get you the reward from Mr. Hands but you miss out on an iconic weapon. I would say it is better to keep Tool locked up for now and see what Shank has to say.

Shank will ask you to help him save the store as nobody is buying stuff from their store nowadays and there is a very high rent for the store that they have to pay and they can’t keep up with it. So Shank needs you to help him attract more customers for his store. Your task would be to go and get Lina and get her in this store for a BD shoot. While Shank keeps an eye on Tool as he is not really in a good mental state.

Find Lina and convince her to accept your offer

The next Dazed and Confused quest marker on the map in Cyberpunk 2077 will help you to get to Lina’s location where you will encounter some gangsters on the stairs. You’ll have an option of either fighting them or telling them to leave. Once they are dealt with, go upstairs and knock on Lina’s door. Turns out she isn’t home so you have to wait.

After the wait, Lina returns home and she will assume that you are a stalker and you want her autograph. You ask Johnny if you should tell her the truth about Tool. Maybe Lina has a soft heart if Tool gets to meet her, he might get better again. You also need Lina for the BD shoot to get the store’s reputation back but Johnny convinces you that honesty will never work on Lina.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Dazed And Confused

The next choice is up to you but if you try to appeal to Lina’s good nature, she will refuse just like Johnny predicted. This will cause the Dazed and Confused mission to fail right here and Mr. Hands will show his disappointment. Not only that but Tool will be stuck thinking he is Lina and there will be no hope to save Shank’s store.

It is best that you lie to Lina in Dazed and Confused and convince her to come to the Brainporium BD store for a shoot.

Pay Lina to come to the BD store

Lina tells you that she always takes money in advance and won’t say yes to cheap work so she requires $10,000 Eddies to do this work. At this point in the game you will probably have a lot more so if you wish to help Shank out, pay Lina the money and she will agree to come to the BD store.

Inform Shank that Lina has agreed to your offer and is on her way for the shoot. Then wait for Shank’s response. He will tell you to be at the site of the shoot as Lina and Tool are not getting along together and he can’t handle them and needs you for assistance.

So you will make your way towards Brainporium to help Shank. You will see Lina and Tool fighting and shouting at each other. You will take the role of the director and take charge, telling Lina to convince Tool that she’s his sister and he was lost. Lina will do as asked and it would work in convincing Tool that she’s his sister.

Afterward, Lina will agree to do this shoot and tell you that she likes the work and really wants to keep scrolling with these guys. Shank considers really appreciates your work and gives you the reward he promised. Lina messages you saying that she liked working with you and left you a little present, the Baby Boomer iconic weapon. This marks the completion of the Cyberpunk 2077 Dazed and Confused side mission.

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