Cyberpunk 2077 Bloody Ritual Guide

Cyberpunk 2077’s many Cyberpsycho Sighting quests has you running around finding lunatics. In this Cyberpunk 2077 Bloody Ritual Walkthrough, we’ll be showing you how to crack a shard that this ritualist has on him.

Cyberpunk 2077 Bloody Ritual Cyberpsycho

This unique Cyberpsycho gig has you up against an exceptional psycho killer. Choosing to spare him or kill him is entirely up to you. You can find the gig by Northside, Watson.

After taking the side job, you’ll be heading towards an alley that’s covered with blood.

As you enter the area, someone will crawl up to you and die; looting their body will give you the encrypted shard that you need to crack.

Crack the shard by going into your journal under the Shards tab. Look around the area for any clues.

Clues to Examine

Examine the 5 bodies next to the freezer, the freezer itself, the large white bloody sheet near the freezer, 1 body behind a crate by the road entrance, and bloody trails under the garbage bags.

Try to scan the clues in this order specifically to avoid any bugs with the side job.

Cyberpsycho: Zaria Hughes

Zaria Hughes may become a tad bit evasive by constantly dodging your attacks; to which you can counter by using quickhacks.

Disabling Zaria’s abilities will leave her immobile and vulnerable to your attacks. You can also utilize their weakness to electricity to deal with them quickly.

Loot the body once killed, and you’ll find a shard that’s labeled with three exclamation marks “!!!”.

Read the shard for a message and send a message to Regina Jones with your phone and it should complete the Cyberpsycho Sighting: Bloody Ritual side job.

How to fix Bloody Ritual Bug

If you end up being bugged into the mission, where the cyberpsycho doesn’t spawn, you will have to reload the save before entering the mission. Your game auto-saves every decision you make so you will have to load 8 or 9 autosaves to start over again from the entrance of the mission where johnny is sitting at.


1300 Eddies, 265 Street Cred Experience, 118 Experience

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