Cyberpunk 2077 Psycho Killer Locations

Follow this Cyberpunk 2077 guide to know the locations of each Psycho Killer present in Night City. We have divided the guide, in terms of various City Gigs and map areas to aid you in finding these locations easily.

Cyberpunk 2077 Psycho Killer Locations

Watson Cyberpsycho Gigs

Alec Johnson

To find the Cyberpsycho you have to unlock the requirement of “The Rescue” first. From the Clarendon Street fast travel point, head towards the waterfront, then turn left and slowly approach the area. Scan this area, and you’ll find a surveillance camera. You need to hack this camera and turn it off.

Once turned off, explore the area further and you’ll end up finding a dead body being thrown away. Quickly Crouch yourself into stealth mode and continue to move forward. into stealth and make your way forward.

Go to your left, and you’ll find the Psycho Killer Alec Johnson.

Matt Liaw

At Kabuki, Watson there is an unfinished bridge located. The Psycho Killer Matt Liaw is defending the end of this bridge. Head towards the bridge from the Charter St Fast Travel Point, and you’ll see a robot and a police officer get shot and you’ll find Matt Liaw running off.

Lt Mower

From the Bellevue Overwalk fast Travel point head towards the area which is blocked by Militech Vehicles. You have to head towards the other side of this street by moving across the river. This is how you can get into the building and find Psycho Killer Mower Inside.

Zaria Huges

As you travel through the north side of Watson, head towards the Docks. Here you will receive a call from Regina and you’ll end up finding a bathtub that is surrounded by corpses. Here you will meet Johnny Silverhand as well.

Scan the area, and then approach the person whose still alive. He’ll die in a while and then you need to loot his corpse. You will get an encrypted shard in return.

Decrypt the shard, read it and scan the area until Silverhand appears once more. The shard is very easy to decrypt, read, and then scan the area more. He will reveal the dead body to you.

This will be of Psycho Killer Zaria Huges, who will rise from the pod present in the center.

Ellis Carter

Approach the Northside of Watson and from Pershing St, Fast Travel Point continues exploring the area. Here you will find Ellis Carter.

Lely Hein

From the Ebunike Docks continue exploring the area here you will find the Psycho Killer Lely Hein near the vacant Maelstrom cars. Once one of these cars drives off, enter the area and you’ll end up finding a corpse.

Scan the corpse for the loot and turn towards your right and then head towards the last corner of the train tracks.

Pacifica Cyberpsycho Gigs

Diego Ramirez

Located right next to the Pacifica Pier fast-travel point, there will be a pier present which will be littered with corpses. Climb up to it and scan the area. Then approach the specific NPC. You need to loot the corpse to pick up the shard and continue forward to meet Diego Ramirez.


You’ll find another Psycho Killer in Cyberpunk 2077 by the name of Spaceboy near an underpass present in the Grand Imperial Mall located in Pacifica.

Badlands Cyberpsycho Gigs

Eutalio Alma

From the Wraith Camp, you need to drive through the badlands. Once you see a hijacked truck, get off the vehicle and notice that there will be a blood trail from the truck. Follow the blood to find the Psycho Killer Eutalio Alma

Zion Wylde

Travel towards the Eastern side of the Badlands, and reach the Old Turbines. In this area, you will find a car and multiple corpses lying. Follow the tire marks and this will lead you to Zion Wylde.

Russel Greene

From the Mobile Camp, present on the eastern side of Badlands head towards the old mines. Once you get past them, beware of the drones. You’ll be able to locate Russel Greene inside a garage which will be present near the house on the hill.

City Center Cyberpsycho Gigs

Cedric Muller

Cedric Muller is a Psycho Killer you will find looming in a parking lot located close by Downtown Central in City Center. Approach the parking lot and go inside, you will find some corpses there. From here continue to go down and you will find yourself in a cordoned-off region.

Norio Akuhara

Get to the Night City Center for Behavioral Health. Once you are outside you will receive a call from Regina, warning you about a Psycho Killer Norio Akuhara. Move towards the alleyway and you’ll find Norio standing at a platform.

Heywood Cyberpsycho Gigs

Dao Hyunh

As you travel to visit the Heywood travel towards the Seaside cafe. By the side of the cafe, there will be a staircase, you need to go down. This is where you will find another Psycho Killer in Cyberpunk 2077 named, Dao Hyunh.

Gaston Phillips

From the Parque Del Mar, Fast Travel point move forward to find a garage. Note that this place is packed with lethal traps such as lasers and mines. You have to deactivate them and move forward to find the Psycho Killer Gaston Phillips.

Santo Domingo Cyberpsycho Gigs

Chase Coley

From Rancho Coronado, travel forward and you’ll find a vacant garage. This is where you will find Chase Coley.


After crossing the Hargreaves St Fast Travel Point you’ll find a bridge, Under the bridge, you’ll find the Netrunner hacker Psycho Killer.

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