How to Unlock Follower Skins in Cult of the Lamb

This guide will go over the different follower skins in Cult of the Lamb and the process of unlocking them.

With the powers of the unknown deity comes the ability for you to customize your followers into any shape or form you want. You can turn your followers into the form of different animals as you indoctrinate them into your cult. To help you understand how your followers can change forms, this guide will go over the different follower skins in Cult of the Lamb and the process of unlocking them.

How to Use New Skins for Followers

As you gain more and more followers in your cult, you get the option of customizing them to the animal of your liking as they are indoctrinated in your cult. You can select any animal skin, the color as well as the new name of your devoted follower.

These skins are cheap as well, costing only 20 gold, so you can freely select how you want your follower to look depending on what type of cult you are building.

Do keep in mind you only get one chance at customizing a single follower, so if you have already customized your follower to, let’s say a Snail, you need to get a new follower if you want to get a wolf skin follower. You cannot alter the form of the Snail follower into a Wolf.

How to Unlock More Follower Skins in Cult of the Lamb

You will unlock more follower skins as you progress through the game. Each area in the game comes with followers of different skin types as basic skins. Other than this, you can find different customization options from the chests and buy them from vendors and merchants as well.

You can also buy skins and follower forms from Shrines. These appear as tents filled with gold coins. Shriners are the best option to buy skins as most of the skins can be bought from these shrines.


Additionally, skins are unlocked when you do side quests for NPCs in the world. You also unlock customization options when you defeat bosses in the game.

Below are some of the follower skins in Cult of the Lamb and the process of unlocking each one. These skins are not available for purchase anywhere. You need to look for them in chests or unlock them through specific quests and requests.  The remaining skins can be easily purchased from vendors and shrines.

Rat Follower Skin

After Ratau retires to Lonely Shack, you need to visit him. When you do, look around the piles of firewood just left of the shack. Here, you will find the rat follower skin.

Fish Follower Skin

After you enter and leave Darkwood four times, you meet a fisherman, who unlocks the fishing minigame and invites you to Pilgrim’s Passage. What you need to do is keep on fishing and you will randomly end up catching the Fish follower skin. There is no specific way to get it, just luck.

Axolotl Follower Skin

After you help the lighthouse keeper repair the lighthouse by bringing him lumber, he will ask for more help and he needs 25 crystals. You can get these crystals by wreaking havoc on the environment in Anchordeep and once you provide the lighthouse keeper 25 crystals, he will reward you with Axolotl skin.

Crab Follower Skin

When you are invited to Smuggler’s Sanctuary by Plimbo when in Anchordeep, you can explore the pier in the town and there, you can find a crab running away. Catch this crab to unlock the Crab follower skin.

Star Follower Skin

In Silk Cradle, you need to get to Midas’ cave. Here, go to the very end of the area until you reach Midas’ Throne. Here, you can find the Star follower skin for your new followers.

Wolf Follower Skin

The Wolf follower skin is one of the rewards for a long questline. Visit the Pilgrim’s passage at night and go for a walk on the pier. Here, you will spot a green crescent and when you interact with it, a wolf will appear and give you four quests to complete. The wolf only appears at night for you to do his bidding. Once you have completed all four quests, you will find him in Midas’ Cave.

Here, the wolf will make the last request, for you to provide the ultimate sacrifice. If you do this, you will get the Wolf Follower skin.

Poop Follower Skin

You need to craft a lot of Bowls of Poop to get this skin. You can just keep on sending your followers to rest or heal them using Camelilia Flower. Once you have crafted enough Bowls of poop, the skin will automatically unlock. Though why you might want this skin is un-understandable.

Snail Follower Skin

You need to find the five hidden snail temples in the game to unlock the Snail follower skin.  You need to bring a snail shell to each of the shrines. Snails themselves, are rare and you’d be lucky to find a snail to kill for its shell when you are out crusading.

Once you have presented a shell at all the five snail temples, you will get the snail skin for your followers.

Mad Monster Follower Skin

You need to find the merchant named Rakshasa. Rakshasa is doing business with a snail lady. What you want to do is start beating the snail. Smack her enough times and Rakshasa will start a fight with you.

The fight is not easy, but manageable. When you defeat Rakshasa, he will admit his loss and agree to do business as long as you lay your hands off of the snail. He will then give you the unique Mad Monster decoration.

You want to build this Mad Monster statue at your cult camp. Once ready, pray to it and you will unlock the Mad Monster Skin for your followers.

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