Cult Of The Lamb Best Fleece Upgrades

Cult of the Lamb might appear a bit unforgiving at times but that is just how rogue-like games are. If...

Cult of the Lamb might appear a bit unforgiving at times but that is just how rogue-like games are. If you are struggling to survive your crusades, it is perhaps time to look into a good fleece upgrade.

Fleece upgrades give players a passive buff to help them against tough enemies. However, they also add a de-buff as a cruel tradeoff. Hence, choosing the right upgrade might be harder for newcomers.

The following guide will list all of the fleece upgrades before noting the best ones to have in Cult of the Lamb.

Fleece Upgrades List

There are a total of five fleece upgrades after excluding the starting fleece in the game. All of them offer different buffs and can be equipped by the player for either their aesthetics or stats.

The following are all of the fleece upgrades you can choose from in Cult of the Lamb.

Fleece of the Lamb
This is the starter fleece that is given to the player at the beginning. It offers no buffs or de-buff because it’s simply a placeholder for the fleeces that you unlock later. We highly recommend switching to fleece with buffs once you unlock it.

Golden Fleece
The Golden Fleece is not the strongest upgrade, but it still offers a passive buff, unlike the starter fleece. As a buff, it increases the player’s damage output with each successive kill, but this damage buff will reset if you get hit even once. As a tradeoff player will receive double damage.

This fleece is like a double-edged sword as on one hand it rewards players’ aggression but expects them to not get hit even once.

Fleece of the Glass Cannon
The effects of this fleece are self-explanatory look at its name. It turns the player into a glass cannon. While having this fleece equipped, all the curses will deal double damage and consume half fervor as they do normally. As a tradeoff players’ total health and melee damage are reduced by 50%.

Fleece of the Diseased Heart
This fleece offers a high risk with a high reward. When this fleece is being used, the player will always get a diseased heart if they draw a tarot card. The downside to this fleece is that you will lose all your items on death.

Fleece of the Fate
This fleece allows a player to draw 4 tarot cards at the beginning of a run. However, you can’t draw any more tarot cards for the rest of the run. It is one of the better fleeces as you can easily get past the starting runs.

Fleece of Fragile Fortitude
While this fleece is equipped, all the blue hearts that the player has will be replaced by 1.5 times their amount. This increases the survivability of the player, but they can’t heal using normal hearts as a de-buff.

Best Fleece Upgrades

In general, the buffs given by all the fleeces outweigh their de-buffs but if you want to pick the best fleeces there are two that outshine others. These are Fleece of the Fates and Fleece of Fragile Fortitude.

Firstly, if you are still progressing through the main storyline, Fleece of the Fates is an excellent choice as you will most likely not find more than four tarot cards in one run. This is especially true while you are still unlocking doors and doing boss fights.

Secondly, if you are struggling to find hearts to heal within runs, equipping the Fleece of Fragile Fortitude isn’t a bad idea as you have better survivability due to increased health. Bear in mind that you cannot gain health normally with this fleece so proceed with caution.

How To Upgrade Fleece In Cult Of The Lamb

To upgrade your fleece, you need to visit the Temple. There you need to use a rare item known as “Holy Talisman” to upgrade your fleece. A Holy Talisman is formed when four pieces of a Holy Talisman are combined together. Holy Talisman pieces are not easy to come by. Therefore, you must pick your fleece upgrade carefully.

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on Holy Talisman Pieces. Mainly, you will receive them by completing hidden side quests that are unlocked by progressing through the main storyline. Most of these quests are simple but some are time-consuming. Holy Talisman Pieces are also sold by some NPCs such as the Fisherman.

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