Cult Of The Lamb Blue Or Red Hearts?

You will initially not have enough health to survive the long crusades in Cult of the Lamb. You will constantly...

You will initially not have enough health to survive the long crusades in Cult of the Lamb. You will constantly require health regeneration.

However, instead of using healing potions, your lamb requires the use of Hearts as they are a main source of healing. With each Heart having its own unique traits, you’ll have a greater chance to survive longer when fighting tough enemies.

In the following guide, we’ll explain which Heart is the best to choose, and how to increase Hearts in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult Of The Lamb Heart Types Explained

There are three types of Hearts in Cult of the Lamb: Red, Blue, and Diseased.

  • Red Hearts: These Hearts can be fully healed.
  • Blue Hearts: These Hearts cannot be healed.
  • Diseased/Sick Hearts: Share the same traits as the Blue Hearts but will damage nearby enemies when hit.

The main difference between Red and Blue Hearts is that Red Hearts are your standard Hearts that are used for entering dungeons and will fully heal. Whereas the Blue Hearts are Temporary Hearts that vanish once you’re dead and they don’t provide full health regeneration.

Typically, Red Hearts are a better option if you’re looking to use them during the initial stages of the game, as they can be refilled several times throughout your run.

However, once you’ve entered the last stages of the game, Blue Hearts become a better option since you’ll either have to pick them or half Red Hearts at the end of your journey.

If you’ve managed to make your way to the boss fight without taking much damage, then the blue Hearts can be used for providing maximum health before you reach the finale.

The best way to find these Hearts is by looting the corpse of defeated enemies or looting chests that appear in different rooms of the dungeon guarded by enemies.

The chances of you getting a full Heart increase depends upon the rarity of the chest as the rarer the chest, the higher the loot.

How To Increase Hearts

Although there isn’t specific a way to increase the number of Hearts you possess, there still is a way to temporarily acquire a few Hearts in the dungeon. You must collect tarot cards from Clauneck to acquire these temporary cards.

Heart I, Heart II, and Heart III are the three types of tarot cards you find in the dungeon with them providing a half, single, and double Heart respectively.

The best card to avail is Heart III as it provides the most Hearts out of all of the choices and can be purchased at the healing pool for 100 gold coins.

There are other ways to increase Hearts as well, such as gaining blue cards with a Crown Upgrade and receiving a full Heart through the upgrade of your character.

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