Cult of the Lamb Dissenting Followers: What to Do?

This guide will go over the methods of dealing with dissenting followers in Cult of the Lamb in detail to keep order in your cult.

Cultists are the most important members of any cult, and you want them to have faith and loyalty to the cult. While most cultists will remain loyal, some may stray; the same is true for the Cult of the Lamb. Therefore, the game gives you a few options for dealing with dissenting cultists. This guide will go over the methods of dealing with dissenting followers in Cult of the Lamb in detail.

How to Deal with Dissenting Followers in Cult of the Lamb

In Cult of the Lamb, the dissenting followers will cause you the most trouble because they’ll not only disobey you but also persuade other cultists into following their suits as well.

As a cult leader, it is your responsibility to maintain your followers’ loyalty and faith in you while also resolving the transgressions of the Dissenting individuals. To cope with these dissenting followers there are three in-game options.

  • Re-educate Dissenter
  • Sending Dissenter Followers to Prison
  • Sacrifice or Kill the Dissenting Follower

Re-educate Dissenter

The first and the most peaceful method to deal with the Dissenting Cultists is the “Re-educate Dissenter” option. You can use this option to re-educate the Dissenting Cultists. Keep in mind, however, that you can Re-educate your followers once per day.

First, interact with Dissented followers and then choose the Re-educate Dissenter option.

Sending Dissenting Followers to Prison

The second and a bit less peaceful way to deal with the Dissenting followers is to send them to Prison. However, to do that, the first thing you’ll need is to build a prison.

The prison can be unlocked through Cult of the Lamb’s Divine Inspiration and requires 20 Gold Coins and 25 Lumber to build. Once the prison is constructed, you can put the Dissenting followers inside and re-educate them a few times to get them back on track.

Here’s how to put the Dissenting followers into prison. There are two ways: either interact with the character you want to put in prison or head over to the prison and click on it, then select the follower you want to imprison.

Sacrifice or Kill the Dissenting Follower

The third and last method to deal with the Dissenting Followers is to kill or sacrifice them. This is not a peaceful method but it’ll help you to lay your imprint as a powerful leader.

Do note that sacrificing followers requires a Doctrine. Also, make sure that the other cult members do not discover you performing this act because it will have a negative impact on them and they may revolt against you.

Keeping the above in mind, it is advised to carry out this action in the dead of night so as to go unnoticed. Head to the Law and Order Doctrine section to start the process. There, the first option is to “Sacrifice a Follower”. Select the option and choose the follower you want to sacrifice. The selected cultists will be executed as part of the ritual.

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