Cult of the Lamb Doctrines Guide

The following guide will tell you all everything that you need to know about Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb alone with every possible Doctrine in the game and also point out the best Doctrines that you can unlock.

How to Unlock Doctrines

Doctrines are an important resource in Cult of the Lamb as you will be using them for lots of different things. Doctrines can be used to unlock things such as unique traits, rituals, and new follower interactions.

To unlock a new Doctrine, you will need three commandment stones that can be obtained by different methods. Once you have obtained three commandment stone, you can go to the Crown Offering menu and unlock a new Doctrine.

All Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb

Doctrines are categorized into five groups with each one focusing on a specific aspect of the cult. These five groups are.

  • Afterlife
  • Work & Worship
  • Possessions
  • Law & Order
  • Sustenance

Each group has four tiers, and the higher tier can only be unlocked once you have unlocked the previous tiers. Every time you are about to unlock a Doctrine, you will be given a choice between two.

Once you choose a Doctrine, the other one will be gone for good so think your choices through. Below we have mentioned every possible Doctrine in Cult of the Lamb.


Focus: The focus of this Doctrine is to teach your followers that there is also something after death.

Upon Completion: You will unlock 2 new traits, 1 new ritual, and 1 new building.

Tier Choice 1 Choice 2
Tier 1 Belief in Sacrifice Trait +20 faith after sacrificing another member Members believe in Sacrifice Trait Belief in Afterlife Trait -5 instead of -20 faith after sacrificing another member Members believe in the Afterlife Trait
Tier 2 Ritual of Resurrection Ritual allowing you to resurrect a follower Funeral +20 Faith for arranging a funeral for a deceased follower
Tier 3 Respect Your Elders +5 Faith for adding new elders to the cults Members gain respect for elders The Good Die Young +10 Faith for sacrificing an elder -20 Faith when an elder dies naturally
Tier 4 Return to the Earth The dead follower returns in form of fertilizer Grieve the Fallen +2 faith when a follower grieves at a grave.

Work & Worship

Focus: The focus of this doctrine is to make your followers work harder.

Upon Completion:  1 New Trait, 2 New Rituals, and 1 Follower Command

Tier Choice 1 Choice 2
Tier 1 Faithful Trait 15% faster devotion generation Industrious Trait 15% faster work speed
Tier 2 Inspire Replace bless action with inspire action   Intimidates Replaces the bless action +10% hard work for 2 days
Tier 3 The Glory of Construction Ability to instantly build everything under construction after performing a ritual at the temple Ritual of Enlightenment +20% devotion generation for 3 days after performing a ritual at your temple
Tier 4 Glory through Toil Ritual Will allow your followers to for 3 days and nights after performing a ritual at the temple Holy Day +80 faith for  giving everyone a rest after performing a ritual at the temple


Focus: Focus on encouraging your followers to give donations and to be interested in materialistic items.

Upon Completion: 1 New Follower Action, 2 New Traits, 1 New Ritual

Tier Choice 1 Choice 2
Tier 1 Extort Tithes New follower action that will collect 1 coin from followers every day. Bribe Followers New follower action that will bribe followers with 3 coins to boost follower loyalty
Tier 2 Belief in Materialism Trait +Faith when followers build better sleeping quarters Belief in False Idols Trait +Faith when putting up a decoration building.
Tier 3 Aim for the Poor +10 Faith for distributing gold among all followers Ritual of Enrichment All followers will donate coins to you after a ritual
Tier 4 Sacral Architecture +5 faith for every building constructed Devotee Trait Additional faith when delivering Sermons

Law & Order

Focus: Focuses on keeping law and order among followers and also following the tradition of the society.

Upon Completion: 1 New Follower Action, 1 New Trait, Multiple New Rituals

Tier Choice 1 Choice 2
Tier 1 Murder Follower Will unlock Murder Follower action. Ascent Follower Ritual +Loyalty for ascending your follower’s spirit to a higher place
Tier 2 Ritualistic Fight Pit Start a fighting pit where two followers will fight till death. Wedding Ritual +30 Faith and Ritual to marry a follower
Tier 3 Belief in Original Sin Trait Lesser faith is lost when a follower is put into jail Belief in Absolution Trait +10 Faith for not having anyone in jail
Tier 4 Loyalty Enforcer A follower will be hired as a loyalty enforcer that will help increase follower loyalty Tax Enforcer A follower will be hired to collect taxes from people


Focus: Focused on keeping the bellies of your follower filled and to keep them healthy.

Upon Completion: Multiple New Traits, Multiple New Rituals

Tier Choice 1 Choice 2
Tier 1 Ritual Fast Fasting ritual where every follower will not eat for three days. Feasting Ritual +25 Faith for arranging a grand feast for your followers
Tier 2 Cannibal Traits +5 Faith for eating food made out of a follower’s meat Grass Eater Trait No faith loss when a member eats grass-made food.
Tier 3 Ritual of Harvest A ritual that will instantly grow all seeds and make them ready for harvest Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty A ritual that will increase the chances of a special fish appearing for two days and you can also catch a double fish
Tier 4 Substance Encouraged +20 Faith after the brainwashing ritual is performed Belief in Prohibition Trait +50% chances of a follower becoming sick after brainwashing ritual and increased work and devotion gain speed.

Best Doctrines to Unlock

There are a total of 40 Doctrines in the game out of which you can only unlock 20 so it’s best to carefully choose your options. Following are some of the best Doctrines in Cult of the Lambs.

Ritual of Resurrection: This ritual allows you to give life to a dead follower and the good thing about is that the person comes back young. This way by using this doctrine, you can keep your favorite followers, alive forever.

Faithful Trait: This trait will allow the members of the cult to generate devotion 15% faster and more devotion will allow you to do more upgrades.

Holy Day: This ritual will allow you to give all of your followers a day off that will give a huge +80 Faith and can help you get out of sticky situations.

Loyalty Enforcer: This ritual will allow you to hire a member as the Loyalty Enforcer and that member will help you increase your follower loyalty by performing certain tasks.

Grass Eater: This trait allows you to not lose any faith when the followers have to eat a meal made out of grass and since all ingredients are expensive and the grass is cheap, this trait will help you maintain your budget with no loss of faith.

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