How To Capture Resource Points In Company Of Heroes 3

Capturing various resource points is essential to improve troops and ultimately win in Company of Heroes 3. Let us show you how.

The Company of Heroes 3 Resource points are ideal for players who start playing the game and need upgrades and training their troops. Every map of Company of Heroes 3 has resource points located all over it. So, you should be investing most of your early time in capturing these points because the more you capture points more you will upgrade your army, and the easier it will be to defeat challenging troops.

How to capture Company of Heroes 3 resource points

Before moving any further, you should know the types of resource points on the map in Company of Heroes 3 and the markers for each of them.

  • Fuel point: This type of resource point is denoted by a fuel tank inside a circle.
  • Munitions points: An array of bullets represent munitions points.
  • Manpower points: Circle and a fist represent manpower resource points.

You need to start acting at the start of the game because you will need these strategic points to train and upgrade your army. Fuel is the most valuable and ideal resource point, so you should invest most of your time in getting this point. With the use of fuel points, you can construct buildings to train troops and drive your vehicles and tanks in CoH 3.

Your focus should be to start capturing the resource points which are easier to get, nearer to your area, and doesn’t require most of your time. The process of capturing resource points is pretty much the same as taking over enemy territory. You need units in the area to capture a resource point in CoH 3.

You can do this by holding the shift key and right-clicking on the resource point you want to capture. It will deploy your troop to your designated region and try to capture it.

Once you have upgraded your troops and have a capture bonus, you should aim for the points at the center of the map. Most battles happen in this area and comprise most of the resource points. A capture bonus will significantly reduce your capture time in Company of Heroes 3. 


Kettenkrad is a wise option to use to capture the resource points near the area because of its unique skills.

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