Company of Heroes 3 British Forces Build Order

Unleash the Infantry!

The boys are in cometh. British Royal Faction, or BRF, in Company of Heroes 3 is completely broken. Or is it? British Infantry played a vital role in WW2 and arguably won the land battles against the Axis forces themselves. This is the same case here. You can win battles with the British Forces using “Infantry Spam” in CoH3.

There is no specific build order for British Forces. However, there are some recommendations. The more infantry you can produce and upgrade, the better your chances of winning the game. Most factions use their Tier-2 units to hold the territory before they can unleash hell on the enemy in the final phase. BRF doesn’t work that way. You can destroy enemy infantry and vehicles using your Tier-1 units. Using the British Forces guide, we will try our best to contemplate an order that will make things less messy.

Unlike the rest of the factions, where you need to capture victory points as soon as the battle begins, the first thing to do is to gather as many munitions as you can. We need many munitions to upgrade our infantry with “The Boys” package. We will be exclusively using British Armor Battlegroup to get access to heavy tanks in the end-game.

British Forces Early-game Build Order


It is a Tier-0 building that grants access to 2 units. Headquarters can be used to deploy and train engineers/infantry.

Royal Engineers

It can be deployed and trained via headquarters. Royal engineers are infantrymen with access to short machine guns. They can be pretty devastating in close-quarter combats. They can also repair buildings.

Vicker’s Machine Gun Team

They are a support unit with anti-infantry capabilities. Equipped with Vicker’s Heavy Machine Guns, they can be deployed from headquarters and play an important part in collecting munitions.


Section Command Post

It is a Tier-1 building that grants access to 3 main units, including THE BOYS. Command post can be used to deploy and upgrade infantry and vehicles.

Infantry Section

British Infantry section is the most OP unit in the whole CoH universe with proper upgrades. There are three upgrades available for infantry section. The boys anti-tank rifle package, Recee package for artillery strikes and recon, and Bren light machine guns. We recommend deploying at least 3 infantry sections. Upgrade one with Recee package due to their ability to mark enemy positions and the rest with The Boys AT package. This marks the end for any opponent you come across.

British Forces Mid-Game Build-Order

Platoon Command Post

It is a tier-2 building that grants access to 5 units. Platoon command post can be used to produce and upgrade anti-infantry vehicles.

Humber Armored Car

An anti-infantry vehicle equipped with a 15mm besa. We recommend deploying only 1 as they can take a lot of damage and use precious resources to reproduce.

British Forces End-Game Build Order

Company Command Post

It is a Tier-3 building that grants access to 5 main units, including infantry and medium tanks. Unlocking the Company Command Post also allows you to recall any vehicle back to disassemble them for their resources. So, if you need resources for more Boys, now is the time.

Foot Guards section

This elite infantry squad has access to short-ranged SMGs and long-ranged rocket launchers. Foot guards can unleash hell in combination with The Boys.

M3 Grant Medium Tank

Where the British Royal Force lacks in vehicle power, this medium tank more than makes up for it. Equipped with 37mm and 50mm guns in addition to machine guns, M3 is a perfect answer to enemy vehicles and infantry. Works wonders against Wehrmacht.

Churchill Blank Prince

It can be called in using the British Armor Battlegroup tree. It requires 6 command points and belongs to Heavy tanks category. This behemoth is equipped with a 76.2mm gun and can lay waste to enemy forces. Comes with its squad of engineers.

British Forces is a perfect entry point for newcomers with one-dimensional strategy. This platoon doesn’t overwhelm new players, unlike the US Forces. All you need to do is infantry, infantry, and tanks; the victory will be yours.

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