COD WW2 Zombies: Tesla Gun Upgrades Guide

All of your teammates get an upgrade.

The Tesla Gun was already decimating zombies on Final Reich but surviving the higher rounds in hopes of completing the Easter Egg will require a bit more upgrades.

The Tesla Gun offers players a few different upgrades with different power stats to go through the higher zombie rounds with ease. In this guide, we’ll cover everything related to the Tesla Gun upgrades from how to get them and what they do.

How to upgrade the Tesla Gun in Final Reich

To upgrade the Tesla Gun, you must first have to craft it and then complete a few steps to source the upgrade parts. There are four different upgrades available for the wonder weapon which are Hurricane, Bloodthirst, Midnight, and Reaper.

These upgrades are hidden behind a few tedious but readily accessible tasks that not only get you to Tesla Gun upgrades but also complete a few steps for the Easter egg along the way in COD WW2 zombies.

Hurricane Upgrade

The Hurricane upgrade for the Wonder weapon is by far one of the simpler ones to acquire and the most helpful during higher rounds in zombies. You’ll be required to head inside the main bunker and make your way to the staircase in the laboratory. From there simply lure a bomb zombie towards the staircase and kill it to explode the small locker on the eastern wall of the staircase.


Since bomb zombies spawn in round ten. It is recommended to open up the Salt Mine doors that lead to the Emperor’s Chamber to find a few of them ambushing you. 

This will reveal a battery part that players can acquire, equip the battery pack, and drop down towards the electric trap to find a holder for the battery.

To charge the battery players will be required to simultaneously kill the 2 berfer zombies (zombies a bit bigger than regular zombies) by using the electric trap. The process will be required to be done twice until the battery becomes fully charged.


When the battery holder turns green, it is your queue to turn on the trap.

The next step would be to take it to the huge generator machine in the lab. But before you do this, you must complete the challenge of defending the Lightning Rod for the Easter Egg in Final Reich. Once that’s out of the way, place the battery inside the shaft on the right side of the machine and begin the lockdown process.

The lockdown process basically, requires you to kill zombies around the area until the battery becomes ready for use. Once the process is completed, take the part out of the machine and travel to the Command center. Place the part in the workstation for the Tesla Gun to receive the Hurricane upgrade on the Final Reich map.

Bloodthirst Upgrade

The Bloodthirst upgrade for the Tesla Gun is one of the hardest upgrades to acquire but the most fruitful to use against the boss zombies coming your way.

To get this upgrade on the wonder weapon, players will be required to head to the western corner of the map next to Riverside and shoot at the flickering street light with the Tesla Gun.

Doing so will start a sequence where the next streetlight will start to flicker a green spark. Use any one of the weapons and shoot at the light once. Simply keep on doing this step until you reach the morgue where the last streetlight will drop a red battery pack.


There are 27 streetlights to shoot in total. If done correctly a short audio can be heard after breaking five streetlights every time.

The next step is to pick up the battery pack and place it in the battery holder in the room. Once the battery holder turns green, you’ll be required to kill a bunch of pest zombies using the spike trap in the morgue.

If done correctly the battery will be charged. The next step will be the same as the other upgrades, complete the Easter egg task which is to defend the Lightning Rod. Once the task is completed take the battery to the machine inside the lab, and place it into the shaft to begin the lockdown process.  

Complete the lockdown process and bring the part to the Tesla Gun workbench to apply the Bloodthirst upgrade.

Midnight Upgrade

To apply the Midnight upgrade to the wonder weapon, players will be required to kill a flamethrower zombie that’ll drop a Brenner head.

Take the Brenner head and travel to the Riverside area where you began the Bloodthirst upgrade. Face the statue on the right pillar and shine the Brenner head at the statue by pressing L2.

The statue will crumble and drop its head on the floor. Simply approach the head and shoot it with the Tesla Gun to reveal the battery pack.

Acquire the battery pack, place it in the battery holder next to the crumbled statue, and begin killing regular zombies with the mine trap in the area when the battery holder’s light turns green.

The process will be the same, take the battery when it’s charged and complete the defense of the Lightning Rod challenge for the Easter egg to go ahead with the Midnight upgrade.

Take the battery to the lab and place it in the shaft, begin the lockdown process, and take the part to the workstation to apply the upgrade to the Tesla gun in Call of Duty: WW2 zombies.

Reaper Upgrade

Acquiring the Reaper upgrade will follow the same steps as the previous upgrades did for the Tesla Gun. To begin with the upgrade, players will be required to head on over to the sewers and look for a locker similar to the one in the laboratory staircase for the Hurricane Upgrade.

However, this time to open it, players will require assistance from a brawler or a stronger zombie that is either charging at them or has a stronger damage hit.

Lure the zombie towards the locker and get hit by it to break open the locker and reveal the battery pack for the reaper. The next step will be to place the battery pack into the battery holder and kill 2 bomber zombies simultaneously two times using the saw traps inside the sewer.

This can become quite troublesome that is why it is recommended to go for the reaper upgrade first as many bomber zombies spawn during the first ten rounds. Save them for this task and then go on to the next upgrade for the Tesla Gun in COD WW2 zombies.

Once the battery is charged, rinse and repeat the process of completing the rod challenge, taking the battery to the laboratory, beginning the lockdown process, and inserting the part in the workstation to get the Reaper upgrade.


Collecting all four of the upgrades for the Tesla Gun earns you the Dark Arts Achievement/Trophy in Call of Duty: WW2 zombies.

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