Call of Duty: WW2 Final Reich Tesla Gun Parts Locations Guide

The Tesla Gun can be a powerful defense against the Nazi Zombies and in this guide, we will show you how to build it. This guide has all the Call of Duty: WW2 Final Reich Tesla Gun Parts Locations to help you build the weapon.

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Call of Duty: WW2 Final Reich Tesla Gun Parts Locations

This CoD WW2 Final Reich Buildable Parts Locations guide details the locations of all the tesla gun parts

Tesla Gun Part
After unlocking the Bunker and the Salt Mine, you need to head inside the Command Room and ‘Interact’ with the crank in there until it stops completely.

After that, you need to head inside the Emperor Room and ‘Interact’ with the machine that is located right in front of Barbarossa’s Statue.

Once done, you need to continue killing zombies near the machine to charge it up. Keep on killing zombies in the nearby vicinity until you see the Mind Power Machine float into a hole in the ceiling.

After charging the Mind Power Device, you need to head to the Command Room and ‘Interact’ with a button located on the upper section of the room.

Doing so will cause the Mind Power Device to start moving. However, the machine will come to a halt at certain locations. Your objective is to keep the Mind Power Device moving.

In order to do so, you must stay inside the circle engraved on the ground and continue killing nearby zombies to charge the MPD again.

Eventually, the MPD will find itself near an Electrical Generator, right next to the Schnellblitz Machine. After a short while, the MPD will infuse with the Electrical Generator and throw out a piece of a weapon.

Tesla Canister
After acquiring the gun’s part, the Mind Power Device will start moving once more. While following it, you need to kill zombies inside the engraved, red circle on the ground until the MPD reaches Mortuary Generator.

At this point, you need to wait for a while and then acquire Tesla Canister from the inside of the generator.

After that, you need to head back to the Command Room where you will come across a special zombie on the upper section of the room.

Your objective is to kill this special zombie and pick its head up – as simple as that! Once you have both the parts, you need to get to the machine in the middle and place them to acquire the Tesla Gun.

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