COD WW2 Zombies: How To Get The Tesla Gun In Final Reich

One electric shot gets the job done.

Inspired by the inventor of electricity, the Tesla Gun will surely electrify any zombies coming your way in Call of Duty: WW2. It is a wonder weapon that can be found hidden behind a few tedious and enraging tasks in the Final Reich map, but acquiring it will surely purify the dead and give their souls a good rest.


Do note that you will need the Tesla Gun to complete the Final Reich Easter Egg, so you will have to get it sooner or later.

How to get the Tesla Gun in Final Reich

As mentioned before, getting the Tesla Gun is no joke as it’ll require players to complete a few tasks requiring some sort of extensive work. We’ve compiled the tasks into steps that players can follow to get the wonder weapon during the first few starting rounds.

Step #1: Turn on the power

Turning on the power is the first step to get your hands on the wonder weapon.  The power generator will be placed underneath the wooden blockade in the main courtyard.

To gain access to the underground area, simply follow the cables connected to the courtyard that’ll take you to three locations with three valves. Hold down square until the valves go all the way to 60 and a green light appears.

Once all three valves are functioning, return to the terminal placed next to the wooden blockade and interact with it to explode the platform and reveal the underground area. Keep in mind a few zombies will burst out, kill them, and jump down to avoid getting ambushed.

Follow along the path that’ll take you up the slope to spot the generator. Interact with the generator, return to the courtyard, and purchase the bunker door for 1,250 jolts.


If you’re gunning for the Tesla Gun, it is recommended to start the process in the fifth round. As you’ll be required to spend a hefty sum of jolts. Use the knife to gain extra jolt points per hit.

Step #2: Restore power to the Salt Mine

After entering through the main bunker in the Final Reich, your next step will again be to restore power to the locked door in the main hall. To do this, you’ll be required to activate two generators placed across the two rooms in the bunker.

The first switch can be found inside the Morgue which is in the western corner of the bunker and the second switch is located in the Laboratory found in the eastern section of the bunker.


There will be a short window to perform this task. First spot the two switches and then proceed with this task.

Step #3: Activate the Hilt in the Emperor’s Chamber

Once both switches for the Salt Mine are turned on, travel back to the main hall and spend 1,500 Jolt points to unlock the door. Beware of the bomb zombies ambushing you. Kill the zombies coming your way and follow the path that’ll lead you to the Emperor’s Chamber.

Approach the Hilt and a prompt will appear to activate it. The next step to unlock the Tesla Gun in WW2 zombies is to kill a bunch of zombies around the Hilt until it turns the whole room orange. Once that happens, it’s your queue to exit the Chamber and return to the main hall.

After exiting the chamber, interact with the triangular machine’s terminal in front of the Salt Mine’s door and head to the Command Room to press the red glowing button.

Step #4: Collect the Tesla Buildable Parts

As soon as you interact with the red button, a transfer device will start floating around the area. It’ll move either towards the Morgue or the Laboratory where you activate the power switches. Simply follow the floating device and kill zombies inside the red glowing circle to charge it.


If you can’t find the circle, simply press your touchpad to reveal the location of the floating device.

Once the floating device stops, it’ll do an animation of charging. Simply let the animation complete and collect the part from it.  This process will need to happen once again to collect the second part for the Tesla Gun in Call of Duty: WW2 zombies.

Step #5: Craft the Tesla Gun in the Command Room

After collecting the second part for the wonder weapon, simply head back to the Command Room to be welcomed by a bomber zombie. Take your time and keep a safe distance to defeat the zombie.

Once all is said and done, head to the workbench and craft the Nazi-decimating weapon.  Now all that’s left is to carry on with the Easter egg and upgrade the Tesla Gun on your way in COD zombies.

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