COD Vanguard Zombies: Best Perks To Get First

The most optimal way to power up.

Perks are one of the many powerups players can acquire in Call of Duty: Vanguard zombies. These perks not only provide you with abilities but can also help create better builds in zombies to maximize the damage output and survive higher rounds.

To get the most out of perks, you need to acquire them in a specific order. This is purely optional. We’ll be just helping point out the best ones to get first in Vanguard Zombies.

How to get perks in Vanguard Zombies

The conventional vending machines have been removed in Vanguard Zombies. You now get your perks from fountains placed behind portals around the map.

To unlock the perks, players must first complete the set of objectives associated with the portals to unlock areas in which the perk fountains are placed. Once the set challenge has been completed, you’ll have unlocked the perk.

Another thing to note here is that the perks will have weird names associated with them but you’ll get familiar with the abilities that they grant.

Each perk can also be upgraded to four different levels depending on the amount of Essence you have accumulated in COD zombies. Do note that the first perk is absolutely free, simply complete the challenges and drink the perk to receive the base abilities.

  • Tier 1: Free
  • Tier 2: 2500 Essence
  • Tier 3: 5000 Essence
  • Tier 4: 7500 Essence

Best perks to get first in Vanguard Zombies

There is a total of five perks that players can acquire in Vanguard zombies. Each perk grants different powerups to players. To help you decide which perk you should prioritize to get the most out of the map of Der Anfang, read below.

1. Fiendish Fortitude

The first perk that every player should get for Vanguard zombies is the Fiendish Fortitude. The perk is very similar to the Black Ops zombies Juggernog which increases your health by 25%.

The additional health from the perk is a life saver because surviving the higher rounds can become a bit tedious when there’s an excess of the dead chasing you.

The perk truly makes you overpowered if you upgrade it to tier 4 because it’ll double your health from 100 to 200 at the expense of 15000 Essence.

To get a hold of the perk, head over to the eastern corner of the spawn area opposite of the Altar of Covenants to spot the fountain above the staircase.

2. Diabolical Damage

Diabolical Damage is the second perk players should get after acquiring the Fiendish Fortitude. This perk is the rebranding of the Double Tap perk which increases your weapons damage output.

Furthermore, using a semi-automatic or shotgun with a maxed-out upgrade for the Diabolical Damage will one-shot any zombie even if you’re on round 20.  

The perk can be found in the western corner of the map, inside the building with the crashed APC tank in front of the entrance. Simply complete the objectives to get rid of the portal and acquire the base tier for free.

3. Aethereal Haste

Movement speed plays a crucial role in escaping while getting jumped by multiple zombies which is why we recommend getting the Aethereal Haste as soon as possible. The perk features the same abilities as the Stamin-Up perk from BO zombies and increases your movement speed by 25% per upgrade.

We’ve kept it on the third spot for the best perks list for Vanguard zombies as the movement speed becomes quite effective after upgrading it to tier 3 which will require a hefty amount of Essence points.

To find the perk, players must head over to the Theatre located on the first floor of the Der Anfang map, east of the Altar of Covenants.

4. Venomous Vigor

While progressing through the waves of zombies, the number of zombies spawning will also increase. This is where the Venomous Vigor shines as it helps to regenerate your health much quicker.

It should be an obligation for players to get this perk as it will help them recover their health. To find the perk, head on over to the northern section of the altar and clear the portal by completing the challenges.

5. Demonic Frenzy

Reload speed is an important aspect for any zombies map especially when the zombies are coming from every direction. The perk increases your reload speed by 25% with each upgrade.

The Demonic Frenzy is a good perk to have but we’ve kept it in a lower spot as the reload speed isn’t much noticeable on weapons until you’ve upgraded it to tier 4. However, if you plan on using an LMG or an assault rifle with an extended mag then the perk will be lucrative.

The perk is located in the southeastern corner of the spawn area in the basement of the blocked building. Complete the challenges to get rid of the portal and acquire the perk in Vanguard zombies.

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