CoD Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Perk Fountain Locations Guide

CoD’s perk upgrade system has been updated this year with its new zombies mode in Call of Duty Vanguard, and now, the perk machines will be unlocked after you complete a challenge portal. In this guide, we’ll show you all CoD Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Perk Fountain Locations.

CoD Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang Perk Fountain Locations

In Vanguard Zombies, completing a challenge portal will not only unlock a new section of the map but the perk fountains as well. Each section of the map has a perk fountain, which provides a specific type of upgrade to you.

Below we have listed all the Perk Fountain locations in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Der Anfang map and what bonuses they provide.

Fiendish Fortitude

Perk: Increased Health

In order to unlock this perk fountain in Vanguard Zombies, head to the southwest of Fountain Square and complete the challenge portal there to unlock the new area.

The Fiendish Fortitude perk fountain is located in the doorway of the office building in the new area.

Diabolical Damage

Perk: Increased Critical Damage

This perk machine is located nearby the Fiendish Fortitude perk machine. Complete the challenge portal to the left of the Fiendish Fortitude fountain to unlock the new Apartments area. The Diabolical Damage fountain is located there.

Venomous Vigor

Perk: Increased Regeneration

In order to get to this perk fountain in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies, head north from the main square and then complete the challenge portal to unlock the Panzer Column area. This perk fountain is located in the Eastern part of the Panzer Column and it provides a boost to regen speed.

Demonic Frenzy

Perk: Increased Reload Speed

From the Venomous Vigor perk machine, head left to discover another challenge portal. Complete this challenge portal to unlock an area with a boiler room.

The Demonic Frenzy perk machine is in the boiler room. This perk increases your reload speed in Vanguard Zombies.

Aetherial Haste

Perk: Increased Movement Speed

To find this perk fountain, head to the challenge portal east of Fountain square. The Aetherial Haste perk will be inside the theater in the newly unlocked area. This perk increases your movement speed.

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