CoD Vanguard Best Settings Guide

Tweaking the settings before heading into multiplayer of Call of Duty Vanguard is very important if you want to gain maximum performance while maintaining visual fidelity. In this guide, we will help you figure out the Best Settings in CoD Vanguard.

CoD Vanguard Best Settings

Call of Duty Vanguard is finally out and players are starting their multiplayer grind over the weekend. Just like every other COD game, this one also requires some tweaking before you can get the best performance out of it.

We will be giving you some tips and suggestions regarding the different settings in the game to help you find the perfect balance between performance and eye candy.

Call of Duty Vanguard Best Graphics Settings

As always, the focus of our graphics settings suggestions for Vanguard would be to give as high FPS as possible without sacrificing too much on visual fidelity.

Starting with the graphics settings, you should be playing the game in Fullscreen mode to avoid any frame drop issues. It is also better if you record a lot of your gameplay.

Disable Vsync to get rid of any unwanted input lag and use Framerate Limiter to cap fps if you are facing stutters on high frame rates.

It is usually a good idea to cap your frames 5 or 10 fps above the maximum refresh rate of the monitor.

Turning on Nvidia Reflex can help you improve your input latency in some cases. You can either have it completely turned off or on the first setting.

Moving on to the Quality tab, if you want to gain maximum performance then consider turning off most of the eye candy settings like Lens Flare etc., and keep object details and shadows on medium.

We will be detailing what each setting in this tab does below:

Texture Resolution

You can keep Textures on High or Very High based on how much Vram your GPU has. If you have less than 6 gigs of Vram, consider keeping Texture Resolution on Medium.

Texture Filter Anisotropic

This setting lets you decide how crisp and detailed your textures need to be. This has the biggest impact on your GPU and storage drive so if you don’t have the game installed on an NVME or SSD, consider keeping it at Medium.

Particle Quality Level

With this setting, you can decide how complex particle effects need to be. It has a very low impact on graphic card performance so feel free to leave it at high.

Shader Quality

This setting determines how intense the lighting in different scenes will be. Keep it at High as it has a very minimal hit on performance.


Keep it off on lower-end PCs. You can enable it mid-way or completely if your game is stored on an SSD and you have a decent PC.

We found out that having Anti-Aliasing on SMAA T2X gave the best results both in terms of quality and performance. Keep Bullet Impacts off if you have a lower-end pc.

Draw Distances

The draw distance settings are entirely dependent on your system’s power and whether you want to sacrifice a few frames for longer draw/clearer draw distances.

These would matter more in the Battle Royale mode where the maps are huge and you want to engage in long-range firefights.

Cache Shadows

The Cache Shadows have a very high impact on your Vram so, only keep them on if you have 8gigs or more Vram. They store sunlight and spot shadows in the cache for faster loading which makes the overall experience a lot smoother.

Lighting Quality

Lighting Qualities, Ambient Occlusion, and Screen Space Reflections are all personal preferences. If you want your game to look nice then turn them but they will cause distractions in some multiplayer maps.

Best Controller and Keyboard/Mouse Settings

When using a controller, adjust your horizontal and vertical settings according to your preference but we recommend keeping the ADS sensitivity multiplier at 0.90x.

We recommend using the Bumper Jumper Tactical Flipped button layout as it lets you jump with L2 and aim down sights with L1. This lets you jump shot and drop shot very easily. Keep both trigger dead zones at 0.

For keyboard/mouse players you can completely customize your keyboard button layouts to whatever you prefer.

For the horizontal and vertical sensitivity of your mouse, you can keep it at whatever makes you comfortable.

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