How To Get Rid Of Garbage In Cities Skylines 2

Don't let your metropolis become garbage town.

Garbage creation is an unfortunate byproduct that comes with running a city. In Cities Skylines 2, as the conductor in control of city planning, you have some options at your disposal to alleviate the garbage that accumulates in the city, whether through small-scale littering by individuals or large heaps of industrial waste being produced.

How to clear out garbage from your city in Cities Skylines 2

The more your city thrives, the more garbage it will produce, and you will have to deal with in Cities Skylines II. By raising the education standard, you can reduce the amount of litter people throw out, but clearing out and properly disposing of garbage still requires some extra work.

There are multiple ways you can get rid of garbage, with every method offering a different degree of success. Since there is no perfect solution, it is best to adopt all of them to remove garbage from your city in Cities Skylines II.

Create a Landfill

Landfills are the simplest but also the most inefficient option to get rid of garbage in Cities Skylines II. Landfills are designated deep holes meant to dump trash into. As you may expect, the principle behind them is not all that environmentally friendly, with pollution rising and the garbage simply being tucked away out of sight rather than disposed of.

This option is meant more as a temporary band-aid to give you some time to develop some actual long-term solutions. Avoid building landfills near residential areas, and make sure to leave ample space around them since you’ll need to expand the landfill as its initial capacity reaches its limit.

Build an Incineration Plant

The middle ground as far as your options go. While it remedies the Landfill’s issue of not reducing the garbage count, it still leads to environmental pollution on account of burning up the garbage, thus contaminating the air.


There is one advantage of this method of getting rid of garbage. Burning the garbage through the Incineration Plant also generates electricity that can be transferred through power lines to areas that are in short supply. Just make sure to build this away from residential districts, much like Landfills.

Build a Recycling Plant

Recycling plants are the best option to remove garbage in Cities Skylines 2 with little to no downsides. Recycling plants take garbage and convert it into useful raw materials, which you can use to create different types of goods.

Not only does the process reduce the garbage count in the city, but it also doesn’t lead to any lasting pollution like the Incineration Plant. If you’re strictly looking for an option to primarily reduce garbage, first and foremost, this is the option to prioritize when able.

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