How To Get Rid Of Pollution In Cities Skylines 2

Clean city means happy citizens.

As your new city grows in Cities Skylines 2, one major problem that you will face is pollution. This will include Ground/ Noise Pollution, Water Pollution, and Air Pollution. This can be disastrous for you as it will sink property value, and the residents will not be happy to live in such places where they are facing health concerns.

Luckily, there are ways you can reduce each type of pollution in Cities Skylines 2, even if you can’t altogether get rid of it. The more you put in the effort to minimize pollution, the happier your citizens and the better your property values will be.

Getting rid of Ground Pollution in Cities Skylines 2

Various elements in your city can cause Ground Pollution, and these include:

  • Industry: Setting up more industries means you will be taking over those farm spaces. Moreover, these industries will require trees to be cut down and used as raw materials, which will contribute towards Ground pollution in Cities Skylines 2.
  • Power Plants: These powerhouses run on Fossil Fuels, which further increases the pollution aspect.

To deal with pollution from Industry and power plants, you can unlock specialized industries in Cities Skylines 2. These will include the likes of Farming and Forestry, which will keep the environmental aspect in check. Instead of cutting down trees, you should invest in replanting them.

Moreover, you can get rid of the Ground Pollution in Cities Skylines II by setting up industries far away from the cities.

Taking out garbage and not recycling it increases the risk of ground pollution, and trash will end up forming quite a heap in one place. Sewage treatment and recycling trash are must objectives to get rid of pollution. Also, make sure to check on the groundwater and keep it clean in Cities Skyline 2.

To reduce noise pollution, use sound barriers to decrease traffic noise and construct highway roads away from residential blocks. Make use of those low-density commercial zones and office zones near city blocks so that the citizens get to experience less noise pollution and stay happy in Cities: Skylines 2.

How to get rid of Air Pollution

How To Get Rid Of Pollution In Cities Skylines 2

There are many aspects that will result in Air Pollution in Cities Skylines 2. These will include traffic and pollution from industries and conventional power plants. Sure, these power plants might be cheap to build to transmit electricity to residents, but they are also bad for the environment.

You will find that the vehicles driving around in the city will contribute some portion to the Air Pollution. So an easy fix for this problem will be to encourage people to shift towards public transport.

The smoke emitted from industrial sites and coal or oil power plants will add a significant increase in Pollution. You can go towards clean energy resources such as wind and solar to get rid of Pollution in Cities Skylines II.

Make sure to upgrade the industrial buildings as this will also decrease the Pollution aspect. Furthermore, you can go towards installing Windmills near cities and solar power plants to increase that green energy and decrease the Pollution as well.

Getting rid of Water Pollution in Cities Skylines 2

How To Get Rid Of Pollution In Cities Skylines 2

Water is the source of life for your citizens in Cities Skylines II. However, this element can also be polluted quite easily, so you will need to take measures to get rid of it. Sewage Wastes need to be treated and cleaned in order to run a city without any Pollution aspect in Cities Skylines 2.

As most areas also contain rivers and lakes near them, you can use them as water supplies. However, if untreated sewage waste enters these water bodies, it will pollute them, and this will result in citizens getting sick as well. You can connect the drainpipes and make sure to channel the sewage waste into rivers instead of lakes.

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