Cities Skylines 2 Parks And Entertainment Guide

Build Parks in the right spots and boost your citizen's happiness and city economy.

As your city grows, you’ll hit new milestones and get points. These development points are then used to unlock new buildings or features from development trees that can be added to the city. One of these is the Parks and Recreation tree in Cities Skylines 2, which will unlock once you reach the Grand Village Milestone.

Once unlocked, you can access the large parks and sports parks. Both of these can be placed anywhere on the map. But before that, you should find a place and have a Park Maintenance Depot. This will help keep the parks maintained, clean, and green to ensure people keep visiting them.

How to build Parks in Cities Skylines 2

Select the newly unlocked tab and pick the park you want to start. Each park is of a different size, and you need to pick the one you find appropriate to the area. Next, place it by the map and ensure it’s connected to the roads. The Parks can be placed anywhere, even outside the main city.

There is no restriction for this, but it’s best to have them intertwined in the city with a designated area for recreational activities.

How to increase entertainment in Cities Skylines 2

Make buildings around the parks or near the transportation areas so tourists can access them. Place the summer attractions near the water so the beach and food are accessible. Moreover, the park’s placement is also essential for increasing the entertainment and happiness of your citizens.

Place Parks in the right spots

Parks can be placed anywhere, but having them near the residential and commercial areas is best. This will make it highly accessible to the citizens. Also, leave a spot for parks while designing layouts, as it’s better to have parks in large open areas.


The roads and roundabouts with dead ends can make the parks a good spot even for people who may be far away. This is why it’s best to have a separate area of parks and tourist attractions near the residential area with access to commercial spots.

Have a parking area nearby so the people using their vehicles can have a place to stop and enjoy their time. This increases the number of people visiting the parks in Cities Skylines 2 and benefits the city.

Decorate your parks

Having a boring park won’t do much to elevate it and draw people’s attention, so decorate it. Plant some trees, add tourist attractions, and plan a few walking areas to make the experience immersive. You can also add park transport so people can tour the far places in the park. That can elevate the look and attract a lot of residents as well as tourists.

Parks and Recreation Role in Cities Skylines 2 Economy

Parks and other models attract many tourists, which can increase the profit via tourism. Later on, if you get the chance to activate the City Advertisement feature, you’ll be able to bring in more traffic from the outside.

This may be straining the city with an increasing crime rate and used resources, but it would be more beneficial in the long run. Also, the unique tourist attractions can bring much attention, so don’t forget to add them to their park sites.

Tourist attractions are buildings or structures that can be used to attract customers. Most attractions are seasonal, making them useful only in a short time. You can also set up different seasonal spots that can all be used for the season they are best in.

There are some all-around tourist attractions, but they cost a lot in Cities Skylines 2. Here are a few of the recommended buildings that are a must.

BuildingCostUpkeepOutdoor RecreationAttractivenessDescription
Campfire Site30k6k+510Tennis court is best for a companion site to a small park.
Tennis Court14k2.5k+55It is a perfect indoor building for all types of seasons.
Soccer Field160k30k+2520Soccer field with seats for a large number of audience.
Observation Tower3.2M320k+7540A perfect indoor building for all types of seasons.
Water Park800k80k+2575Summer attraction with the most benefit.

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