Cities Skylines 2 Skyscrapers Guide

Building the Skyscrapers in Cities Skylines 2.

Skyscrapers in Cities Skylines 2 are tall buildings that bring charm to the city’s look. In a drone view of a city, the skyscrapers stand out and show the city’s strength. But how does one build skyscrapers? You don’t have to worry as I will help you do that.

How to build Skyscrapers in Cities: Skylines 2

To start building the Skyscrapers, head to the “Zones” button on the tool tabs at the bottom of your screen. From there, select a zone; it can be any zone – Residential, Office, etc. If we look at the Residential Zone for now, click on the rightmost icon, which deals with the High Density.

All zones have a High-Density variant of building in Cities Skylines 2. Most of these variants are extremely large and qualify as a proper skyscraper. Once you select a unique building, simple drag and drop will help you build it. However, if you wish to go even higher than these buildings, look no further than the Signature Buildings.

Signature Buildings

You can find the Cities Skylines 2 signature buildings option in the same toolbar on the left-hand side. If you click on the Signature buildings, you will find a new array of landmark buildings. There are also special signature buildings designated for each zone, as shown in the tabs.

For instance, if you head to the Residential Signature buildings, you will find some great choices for Skyscrapers in Cities Skylines 2.

The Buildings you can find there include Century Castle, Colossal Tower, or probably the tallest within the game – the Watanabe Tower. These were great picks for North American design variants of buildings, but if you change the theme, you might discover more and better looks.


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