How To Manage Healthcare In Cities Skylines 2

Provide better Healthcare facilities to your citizens.

Healthcare is a service in Cities Skylines 2 that you must provide to your citizens, no matter the city’s situation. It is common for people to get sick from pollution, injuries, or natural illness, which requires a trip to the hospital.

That’s why I’m here to help you understand the Healthcare system better and tackle the problems that can arise.

How to fix Healthcare problems in Cities Skylines 2

Several healthcare problems are due to mismanagement, while others are because of in-game mechanics. While we can’t do anything about every problem, here are some common solutions that you can try to solve them.

Build Clinics/Hospitals near Residents

Even if the healthcare services are provided, citizens sometimes cannot go there and treat themselves. This can take a toll on the death rate and less active population. If you have this problem, take a look at its location.

Location matters a lot as it needs to be near residents. The further the healthcare facility is, the more problems you’ll face for citizens getting died without treatment. Also, make sure the area is accessible with public transport. Public transport in Cities Skylines 2 can make the process of reaching the hospital faster and easier.

Ensure proper Management of Traffic

For hospitals to be accessible and ambulances to reach on time, there needs to be a proper system of roads. It is essential to have the road structure designed to reach every residential house.


You can build roundabouts or wider roads near the hospital to avoid traffic jams. Turning off traffic lights in an emergency can help prevent accidents, so keep that in mind.

Set up Research Institutes or Medical Universities

To upgrade the healthcare system, ensure you have enough schools, colleges, and medical universities. Because of this, more educated people will go to research facilities. The more research is done, the better the healthcare system in Cities Skylines 2 gets. It’s better to have educated staff to counter illnesses.

Plan keeping In-game factors in mind

Factors like pollution can cause a lot of basic illnesses. To prevent this, it is advised to make the industrial area away from the city.

In case of natural disasters with significant casualties and injuries, it is better to work on building more clinics or hospitals or upgrade the existing ones. This can avoid a large number of deaths. Also, once the problem simmers, the extra clinics can be removed to stay under budget.

Connected to the healthcare system is the Deathcare in crematoriums or cemeteries. This service takes care of the dead and lowers the chances of illnesses.

Ignore Chirper Notifications

If you’ve done everything to avoid healthcare problems and are still getting notified, you can’t do anything. These get solved eventually, so it’s better to avoid them. Go to the setting and turn off the Chirper Notifications, and these minute problems will stop popping up.

Cities Skyline 2 Healthcare is not working problem

Some players have posted their concerns about a problem or bug that leads healthcare to work poorly. The problem is the notifications that many people are getting despite putting their best efforts into minimizing the issues.

Sometimes, the notifications are so much that they straight up lead to no treatment and the death of many citizens. Even though this can be frustrating, there is no message from the developers to confirm if this is a bug or a real problem.

Some instances may suggest that the problem may be poor planning or an underdeveloped healthcare system. It could be that the right functions are not used to get the best output.

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is keep an eye on factors like Healthcare coverage and see if all areas are covered. Also, monitor the capacity of clinics, hospitals, and the death rate.

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