How To Turn Off Traffic Lights In Cities Skylines 2

Manage the flow of traffic in Cities Skylines 2.

To have a constant and smooth management of vehicles on the road, it’s best to have traffic lights at intersections in Cities Skylines 2. This can avoid accidents and even traffic, saving you time and resources. But sometimes, there is a need to turn off traffic lights.

This can be for any reason, ranging from construction or placement of another traffic light nearby. Let’s look at how you can turn them off, along with other important details.

How to place or remove Traffic Lights

Before you learn how to turn traffic lights off, you must learn how to place and remove them. For that, you first need to unlock the road development tree to Advanced Road Services. That will then allow you to use the traffic lights at the intersection.

Now, to place the traffic lights, Go to the roads tab at the bottom of the screen. It is the leftmost option available. Select the newly unlocked Road Services tab. Under this tab, you’ll find traffic lights, stop signs, and many other options related to road management in Cities Skylines 2.

Select the traffic light and place it on the intersection using the left mouse button. The traffic lights would be arranged according to the roads and their directions.

To remove traffic lights, you just need to go over the area in the intersections and press the right mouse button. This will remove the traffic lights altogether.


How to turn off Traffic lights

First, go to the Info Views menu in the upper right corner of the Cities Skylines 2 screen. Open it, select the Traffic Routes Icon, and open this tab. Next, go into the Junctions tab, showing all the turns or interactions with a traffic light or lights. Now, choose the traffic light that you wish to turn off and click on it. This will turn off the light.

If you want to turn off more than one traffic light, you can do so easily in one go. Check to see if the traffic light is indicated by grey to confirm it’s off. Also, make sure you click only once and twice to turn it back on. It’s just a click difference.

If you are wondering when the situation will require you to turn traffic lights off in Cities Skylines 2, there can be several.

1. Having too many traffic lights close to each other

This can cause disruption and can make the traffic slow. It’s better to have fewer intersections to avoid this problem altogether. Also, having too many traffic lights in one place seems wasteful.

2. When a road is under construction

If an area or road is under construction, then it’s better to turn off the traffic lights leading to that area. This will save time, and citizens will know to take the other two turns.

3. Traffic lights near a roundabout or end of the road can cause traffic

Due to less space and closed areas, the traffic light can slow down the vehicles and not cause any good to the road. It’s better to remove the light in Cities Skylines 2 that is too near them.

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