Cities Skylines 2: Best Policies To Implement

Policies for the Betterment.

Policies in Cities Skylines 2 are no rules to restrict but discipline the citizens. After unlocking the District, City, or Building policy you like by reaching higher levels, you can implement it.

To implement a policy in a city, look for the demand bar and click on the option for the city info panel. This panel gives you all the information about the city. Select the policy tab and then click on the policies you want to be implemented.

For districts and buildings, select them and then follow the same process as the city to implement policies. Below, you will find some of the best policies that you should implement right away.

Best Policies to Implement in Cities Skylines 2

City policies are more for awareness and overall rules for large-scale problems. On the other hand, the district or building policies focus on tiny behavioral problems to keep citizens in check.

Speed Bumps

  • Area: District
  • Level: 5

With the new function of accidents, it’s better to have Speed Bumps. Speed Bumps decrease the speed of the vehicles, which in turn lowers the chances of accidents along with reducing noise pollution by a significant amount. This policy is best for residential areas.

Heavy Traffic Ban

  • Area: District
  • Level: 6

Heavy vehicles like trucks or trolleys are banned from entering a particular district in Cities Skylines 2, where this policy is implemented. This forces them to take other routes outside of the residential area. This not only decreases the chances of traffic jams but also reduces noise pollution. This is good for the health and happiness of the residents.


Energy Consumption Awareness

  • Area: District
  • Level: 5

Saving energy is best for any area, and for that, Energy consumption Awareness helps in reducing the extra use of power. Citizens are aware of using less energy, reducing consumption by 5% or more.

Pre-Release Programs

  • Area: City
  • Level: 5

For the betterment of the prisoners in Cities Skylines 2 and to give them a second chance, this policy has them enrolled in educational institutes. They are educated while serving their sentence, and once released, they can quickly settle into the city with their respective expertise and interests. This also decreases the crime rate in the city.

City Promotion

  • Area: City
  • Level: 10

To make profits from your tourism industry, you need to have proper advertisements. This increases the money you earn from the tourism industry and can benefit the economy. However, make sure the rule is not put up for a long time as a large number of tourists also increase the crime rate.


  • Area: District
  • Level: 5

The policy makes recycling a rule and lowers the production of garbage. This is better environmentally, and with less waste, the area it covers is also less. Unfortunately, this takes away some of the free time of citizens, so it can be removed if the city is unsatisfied.

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