How To Make Money In Cities Skylines

If you want to be successful in Cities Skylines, then you need to know how to make money.

Making money in Cities Skylines is one of the most challenging obstacles. You may possess millions of cells in your bank account but hardly make enough income to manage your city population. If you are facing issues making money, you have come to the right place.

Today we’ll be giving you the best Cities Skylines money tips that will help you increase your weekly income, which you can check next to the money symbol “.”

Use Cheat Codes

One of the fastest ways to earn unlimited money is using the Cities: Skylines money cheats. Head over to the Main Menu and navigate to Content Manager. Click on the Mod’s option on the left panel and turn on the Unlimited Money – money never runs out option. You can find almost all cities: skylines mods on Steam Workshop.

As an alternate option, you can use the Cash on Demand money mod in Cities Skylines. Using this mod, you’ll receive an increment of 50k. You can activate it by pressing Ctrl-Shift-M on the PC or Cmd-Shift-M on the Mac.

Install wind turbines

During the early stages of the game, you must focus on using wind turbines to generate power as they are one of the best money-making sources in cities: skylines. You can install wind turbines pretty early in the game after creating your first road.

Raise the taxes

Taxes are the first achievement you’ll unlock in Cities: Skylines after hitting the Little Hamlet milestone. You will unlock it after creating your city. You can use this feature by heading to the Economy option below and clicking on the Taxes tab. Now set the Taxes of all slots open at 12%. This will be enough to net you a lot of money from the citizens without upsetting them.


Build a city park

After hitting the Tiny Town milestone, you’ll unlock several new features, including the Park Areas. You can use this as a business tactic to increase the income of your city. If you have the Park Life DLC, then your city park will cost the least and is capable of generating a good amount of income for you. Build a city park and get a good star rating to get more money based on the visitors you have per week.

Build more roads

Roads can help you get a good amount of money via taxation. The more roads you make, the more zones you build. This will help you earn more money through taxes. The best roads you can build are dirt roads as they cost less money but earn more.

Use a Water pumping station

Water pumping stations are more cost-efficient than the standard water towers. So, the option here is to plant more water pumping stations instead of towers. You will receive a higher water capacity, which earns you more money. Check where the water flow is and install a water pumping station in that direction at the shore.

You’ll also install a sewage dumping station on the right side of the water pumping station. Connect the two using a simple water pipe since they are parallel by default. This saves you from investing money into a separate pipe system.

Activate Policies

You will be given certain policies when creating your city. These policies will net you thousands of your income without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is go to the city policies option below and click on the City Planning tab. Check the “Small Business Enthusiasts”, “Big Business Benefactors”, and “Industrial Space Planning” boxes. Once the policies are activated, they help you earn more money in Cities: Skylines.

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