Chivalry 2 Archer Tips

We will be showing you tips and tricks as well as how to maximize the potential of the Archer's arsenal in this Chivalry 2 Archer Class Guide

Archers belong to one of the four classes in Chivalry 2. Being the weakest out of all classes, the Archer still has a lot to offer on the battlefield in terms of range. If ranged playstyle is your jam, we will be helping you master the Archer class in Chivalry 2 with the help of this guide.

Chivalry 2 Archer Tips

Archer in Chivalry 2 is a ranged and highly required class. This class can regain your team’s momentum by harassing from afar in combat however, they lack Stamina (50), Max Health (90), and Movement Speed (100) making them the most polarizing of all four classes.

Surviving as an Archer in combat is a tough job due to them being really vulnerable at close range. Let’s go through the tips that can help you go longer in a fight as an Archer.

Never Attack at Close Range

As mentioned before, Archers are best known for their long-distance attacks. They have an entire arsenal of weapons used for long-ranged attacks so it’s a really risky job to put them in a spot where they’re at a close range. Therefore, always make sure to place an Archer at a long-range for the most effective attacks.

All three subclasses of Archers mounted at a distance would serve perfectly fine but having a longbowman at a distance using Braziers would be much of a headache for your foes since braziers deals a massive damage.

Keep An Eye on Flanks

Being an Archer, you must watch your Flanks often. You may encounter a few enemies such as the Vanguards so if you do come across them, you can leave your spot and let your team cover you and relocate if you have to. But there are times when you do not have enough time to leave your spot. So in that case, make sure you have some closed ranged weaponry as well.

Work as a Team

Helping out your team members in Chivalry 2 to score kills is the main job of an Archer. This class is capable of interfering in combats to back its allies and help them score kills.

Being a ranged class, it’s easy for an Archer to help the team by using weapons such as arrows and brazier. Simply take a position at a high-placed spot and do wonders with your class. You can also make use of banner from longbowman subclass to heal your allies within a certain vicinity.

Use Ammo Wisely

This brings us to the last and the most important tip of the day for Chivalry 2, using your ammo wisely. An Archer has a total of 20 arrows, and fairly using it can help you last longer in combat without leaving your spot to hunt down for supplies.

In conclusion, only use Arrows if you know you can score a kill; otherwise, you’ll be wasting ammo for no reason.

Best Archer Weapons

In spite of having overall low stats and lacking close-ranged attacks, Archers stand out the most due to them being an all-rounder class in Chivalry 2, having both ranged primary weapons and melee weapons in their arsenal.

Throwing Axe

Despite taking out a good amount of the opponent’s health, the throwing axe, is still considered the worst weapon for primary range. It mainly depends upon the precision of your aim as, without a good aim, you can’t handle this weapon making it the least recommended weapon to select for combat.


Unlike the throwing Axe, Axe’s such as the Viking Axe is one of the best melee weapons held by the archers. Even though it is slow to swing, but its reach and DPS more than makes up for it. The best use of this weapon comes when you’re being charged by an enemy. Simply use the Axe to chop their heads off!


Going with the weakest weapon used by an Archer, having a weak close range, the Mace is a type of weapon you want to keep as a secondary weapon option since Archers aren’t known for their close-quarter capabilities.


A one-handed single-edged sword used by the Archer. This weapon may be slightly better than a Mace but still has a short-range as compared to other weapons. To use a Falchion, one must head into the battlefield for a close-ranged attack and again, Archers aren’t the best pick for such attacks.

Short Sword

An improvement from the Falchion. Now, this is a weapon you can use for combat. The Short Sword being relatively faster in speed, causes a good amount of damage and is classified in the must-have category of weapons used by an Archer.


The skirmisher’s main weapon, Javelin, is probably the longest reach of any melee weapons an Archer can hold. The Javelin is capable of being thrown from a distance, keeping a safe distance from the combat and still causing a large amount of damage. The Javelin is the go-to weapon for this class.


Bow is a trademark for Archers. They even have their own subclass, longbowman, dedicated to Bows. Archers are experts in killing enemies with at least three arrows in combat, making it a primary weapon to choose from their arsenal.


The best ranged attacks are offered by crossbowman class of archers. Crossbows can be used from a very long range and it deals a good amount of damage as well. It may take a long time to reload; however, it’s best known for its long-ranged damage output.


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