Chivalry 2 Knight Class Guide

Among the 4 Classes of Chivalry 2, the Knight class stands out as the beefiest and most fun class in the game. In this Chivalry 2 guide, we’ll discuss everything there is to know about the Knight class, including its subclasses, best weapons and combat tips.

Chivalry 2 Knight Class

The health provided by Knight class is 175 which is the highest of all the available classes in Chivalry 2. Moreover, this class is armored heavily and excellent in taking damage and blocking attacks. Furthermore, the knights have a special ability that is charged when they take or block an attack.

The knight class is mainly for the frontline on the battlefield. Be it fighting with many enemies at a time because of the great health and armor they have or just holding the line when needed.

The only thing that you will feel this class lacks is speed. It has a max speed of 80 which is less than other classes, but it is covered by the other advantages it has. You can still easily tackle enemies if you reach the max speed of 80.

Just like the other classes in Chivalry 2 the Knight also has subclasses which are given below.

Knight Subclasses


The First subclass of the Knight class is Officer. This subclass has a wide range of weapons and throwing Knives which are effective in a limited area.

They have a short range but are effective at kiting enemies or finishing off fleeing enemies from a 1v1. They also have a trumpet which they can use to boost the health regen of the allies. After doing this they also go through a dash Cooldown of 50% which makes them the least active subclass.


The second subclass of the Knight is Guardian. This subclass usually uses weapons with one hand since the other hand is occupied by a shield for blocking the attacks. A true protector!

They can charge their special ability quickly by blocking attacks thus use a plantable Banner which helps in healing the close by allies with time. This an overall a good subclass if you’re planning on tanking or winning through endurance.


The third and final subclass of the Knight is Crusader. They are very versatile and can use one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, and ranged weapons as well.

They have another attack in which they can throw an oil pot and it will blow into flames after landing. But they do suffer an increased dash cooldown of 50%

Best Weapons for the Knight in Chivalry 2

Selecting the right weapon for you is also very important in Chivalry 2. The choice of weapons completely depends on which class and subclass you choose. But we have listed some of the best weapons available in Chivalry 2 for players who select Knights.


This is the Primary weapon for Officer Subclass for Knights. This is a two-handed weapon that is considered a bit slow. You can use this weapon for breaking the Parry of the enemies quite easily. It can pierce an enemy in a single hit.

Warhammer with Shield

Warhammer with the Shield is best for the Guardian Subclass. You can use the Shield for blocking the attacks of swords and archers and Warhammer for pounding in your foes! It is also pretty quick since it is a one-handed weapon.


For the Crusader Subclass of Knights, Messer is the best choice you have along with the other options. It is a two-handed sword with fast slashes. Due to its size, this weapon has a long reach and deal more damage.


Another weapon along with the Messer you will find useful in Crusader Subclass is Axe. It is a very useful weapon in close encounters and quick attacks. You can use this along with the Messer while playing in the Crusader Subclass.

Combat Tips


You have a Trumpet in Knight Class which you can use for health regen of nearby allies for a time. You can use the Trumpet, whenever you feel like your ally’s health, is dropping. Perfect for holding a line or in a skirmish with many allies.


While fighting with any of the subclasses of Knight Class, always attack the enemies whenever you have the initiative. Without Initiative you should focus on defense.

In case the opponent defends themselves from your initial attack, you have to start blocking the attacks because now they have the Initiative. Think of it as pseudo-turn-based fighting.

If both of you and the enemy are attacking at the same time you have to make sure you make the first hit because only then you will get the initiative. You can do combo attacks if you hit first.

Block Attacks

While playing in the guardian Subclass you can use the shield for blocking incoming attacks. You can block the incoming attacks by pressing the block button and it will protect you from damage. However, you will lose stamina. Don’t do this often, since you can’t block attacks without stamina.


While playing as the Officer Subclass, focus on performing a riposte right after the Parry if it is successful. Riposte is a quick attack that will provide you shield from the damage for a little time. You should go for Riposte rather than Parry.

You can also counter the enemy attacks by using the same attack as the enemy is using. If you guess the attack right and perform it before getting hit the enemy will take damage rather than you.

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