How to Heal in Chivalry 2

In this guide, we will tell you how you can heal yourself in Chivalry 2 using the various options available and keep yourself in the fight!

Chivalry 2 is full of brutal and bloody battlefield skirmishes which leave even the most seasoned warrior wounded. However, taking some damage isn’t the end as you can heal up your knight. In this guide, we will tell you how you can heal yourself in Chivalry 2 and keep yourself in the fight!

How to Heal in Chivalry 2

In Chivalry 2 you are given three options for healing. You can use bandages, food, and certain subclass items to heal yourself.

All of these options are a good choice for healing and below we will also tell you about how these methods work. Let’s start with the first and the most basic way of healing in Chivalry 2.

Using Bandages

Using bandages is one of the simplest ways to heal in Chivalry 2. You will have a bandage when you start the game. You can use the bandages by pressing and holding the up button on the d-pad. While PC players can use the corresponding bound keys.

Bandages do not work quickly, nor instantly. It takes some time to regenerate health so make sure you use them pre-emptively. If you need instant heal then bandages might not be the suitable option.

You can get some extra bandages in two ways. The first one is getting it from your footman. If you have a footman it can build up bandage boxes slowly and then drop them onto the ground. These boxes not only heal you but give you an extra bandage as well.

The second way of getting the bandages is looting the ammo crates. You will find ammo crates throughout the maps. Loot them since along with the bandages they will also refill your arrows and missing items.

Consuming Food

These food items will give your health a boost when you don’t have bandages. So always watch out for any consumable food item you find on the battlefield and scarf it down!

  • PC players will press ‘C’
  • XBOX players will press ‘X’ twice.
  • Playstation players will press ‘Square’ twice.

You may find Fruits, Vegetables and Fish on the ground. Pick them up and consume to get healed instantly.

Subclasses Items

The last option of healing in Chivalry 2 is using the special subclasses items. Some subclasses have access to special items like Banner, Trumpet, or Bandage Kit.

Footman has Bandage Box ability. This bandage box will be dropped on the ground and you or your teammate can interact with it to get healed.

Vanguard and Knight have Trumpet ability. This ability works in a certain range of radius. When it is used, it heals all the allies. It can heal 5 to 10 comrades at a time.

Archer and Knight have Banner ability. You can put the Banner on the ground and anyone can go and use it to get healed. The only downside of the banner is that enemies can destroy it. So it is better to not use it in the middle of a chaotic battle.

These special items can help in healing if the item associated bar is full.  These subclasses are not restricted to one player. This method of healing is the only available option for mass healing in the game.

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