How to Fix Chivalry 2 Audio Issues

A PC game without issues is pretty much unheard of. Despite having been released a year ago, Chivalry 2 still has some annoying issues that hamper the gameplay. One such issue involves the game’s audio. If you have been unlucky enough to get hit with sound problems, we are here to help you solve these audio issues in Chivalry 2.

How to Fix Chivalry 2 Audio Issues

The audio issue in question is quite random and common. Players have reported the game sometimes completely missing any sound or having sound in certain parts while others are muted. The audio problem also ends up causing a weird crackling occasionally.

There could be multiple reasons for these audio troubles in Chivalry 2. The dominant one is having outdated audio drivers installed or a bad configurator.

So first of all make sure that you have updated audio drivers installed on your PC. If the problem still exists then try disabling Windows Sonic for Headphones. Right-click on the mini speakers in your taskbar, go to Sound Settings and go to Properties of your default Output device. Within those properties look for Audio Enhancements and disable all that might be activated.

Another thing to account for is the Audio Mixer. In Windows Audio Mixer, you can alter the sound of each individual program rather than controlling sound as a whole. So open the sound mixer and check if you have mistakenly turned the game’s sound off.

If you are using a Bluetooth headset that also has a mic in it, another good idea would be to check the Bluetooth device’s settings and make sure that the Telephony options are disabled. This is essentially causing your Bluetooth device to work as a Communications device instead of passing all system sound through it.

If all the above doesn’t fix it, try Verifying Game files to see if something might have gotten corrupt and could use a repair.

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