How to Check IVs in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

How to check IVs in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon? The process is pretty simple if you know where and how to activate the feature.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon come to Nintendo 3DS with new story content and Pokemon. The basic concept is the same: players catch Pokemon and do their best to upgrade their skills and abilities. Every time the player catches a Pokemon, an Individual Stat or IV is assigned to it.

These are hidden stats that aren’t easily accessible to the players. These cannot be seen but can be calculated by using the internet or unlocking a hidden feature in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. IVs determine how low or high the base state can possibly be.

The values of base stats can vary between 0 to 31.

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How to Check IVs in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Take down the Elite Four and hatch 20 eggs. An Ace Trainer on the battle tree will be impressed by you so he’ll add a new function to your in-game PC. Head to the Battle Tree with Charizard and speak with the Ace Trainer next to the PC to get this function.

  • 0 – Bad
  • 1-15 – Decent
  • 16-25 – Pretty Good
  • 26-29 – Very Good
  • 30 – Fantastic
  • 31 – Best

Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon usually use their Special Attack and Attack stats. This was our How to Check IVs in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide if you have any questions take to the comments below!

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