How To Get Carian Knight’s Shield In Elden Ring

Let's get the shield carried by the Knights of Carian Royal Family.

Carian Knight Shield is one of many shields in Elden Ring. It is a medium shield and has the Magic Guard of 71, which works best against enemies that use magic.

Since it is a medium shield, it is not good at parrying compared to small shields. It also has the Magic attack of 63 and can be used as a strike. If fused with magic, it can resist magical attacks, but with the cost of a Guard boost.

You can use the guide below for the Carian Knight Shield location in Elden Ring.

Carian Knight’s Shield location

carian knight's shield elden ring location

You can get Carian Knight’s Shield as a dropped item from a Knight in Raya Lucaria Academy. Raya Lucaria Academy is a legacy dungeon, which can be opened with the Glinstone key.

Head to the courtyard area, and you will notice long stairs on your right. Move ahead and turn east to get onto the stairs. Be careful of the iron ball trap; head upstairs, where you will face Moongrum, Carian Knight.

Defeat the Knight to get the Carian Knight shield as a dropped item.


Is Carian Knight’s Shield Good?

Carrying a medium shield like Carian Knight Shield increases your defense but decreases parrying compared to small shields. It weighs a bit higher than the Beast Crest Heater, weighing 4.5. Being Heavier means you cannot use it if you are going to builds that prefer light shields, like Casting. Unfortunately, it has no default skill. You can increase its potential with Asher of War and with Magic.

Here are the stats for Carian Knight’s Shield:

Physical (63)Physical (100)
Magic (63)Magic (71)
Fire (0)Fire (28)
Lighting (0)Lighting (19)
Holy (0)Holy (54)
Critical (100)Boost (49)

Since Carian Knight Shield asses the wielder based on strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity, you must satisfy the conditions (10 Strengths, 10 Intelligence, 10 Dexterity). In addition, the shield has a Strength and Intelligence Scaling of D. This shield can be an allrounder if you want to block incoming damage. Since the shield isn’t that heavy, it won’t hamper your movement much and can go well with different weapons in the game. Plus, an Ash of War of your choosing can be a bonus, too as there are some good options like Carian Retaliation, which can improve the use of this shield.

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