Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Map Tips

Learn how to master every map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and become a lethal killing machine with the help of our handy pointers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is finally here and it is filled with a variety of unique maps that you can battle it out in. The variations between the map layouts mean you’ll need to use different tactics for each map. So in this Modern Warfare guide, we’ve listed every map and provided a few pointers for succeeding in each one so you can get those coveted weapon skins as quickly as possible.

Modern Warfare Map Tips

Aniyah Palace
This map features the remains of a once-great palace at its center. Now the ruins of that palace are the most dangerous place to be in this warzone since it’s right in the center of the map and enemies can pick you apart from any of the multiple hallways it has.

Try hanging by the buildings around the palace for cover and camping. The streets are mostly empty so you can spot and take down running enemies fairly quickly.

However, this means you shouldn’t attempt to run from cover to cover in this area. If you’re looking for areas with good cover then head north. There are a ton of corners there that you can cover behind and then proceed safely in between covers.

Arklov Peak
This map is a cold desolate town drowned in the harshness of winter. It has a lot of buildings with many elevated positions available for maneuvering and this is where most of the action will happen.

Try not to stay in one location for an extended period of time or else you’ll get picked off by enemies. Just keep running back and forth while watching the windows to get an idea of where the enemy might be.

Azhir Cave
This map consists of a bunch of interconnected caves, a few two-story buildings and a long trench that ties both ends of the map together. Due to the variety of locations, there is a greater risk that an enemy can pop out from anywhere and finish you off before you have the chance to turn around.

So we advise that you stay mobile as much as you can and avoid hanging around any one section of the map for too long. There is a lot of verticality to this map so take advantage of it and stay up high during close combat.

This map is smaller than those previously mentioned. Its layout mainly consists of two buildings on the east and west sides of the map. There is a waterway in the dead center of the map that goes low.

There are a ton of vantage points from which you can be targeted if you get stuck down there so we strongly avoid you stay away. We recommend staying on either side of the map, setting up a good vantage point and sniping.

Euphrates Bridge
This map is said to be 2 km outside of El Basrak, Urzikstan and it’s really strange. This because the map’s design seems to favor those who spawn to the more elevated North side of the bridge. Whoever controls the bridge can take out players as they spawn since they come out in the same area.

If you’re unfortunate enough to spawn on the southern end, you’ll be a sitting duck. However, you can still find cover behind the two buildings there to and progress towards the higher up spot by going through the trenches.

Grazna Raid
This big urban daytime map is used for 10v10 battles and is very complex. It consists of several urban and tons of open space. The buildings on the outer perimeters have a lot of cover for you to take advantage of so you can zig-zag your way to the objective safely.

You can also get shot at from the vantage points in these buildings. Meanwhile on the opposite side is a deep low trench that you can use to sneak your way across the map.

Gulag Showers
This small Gunfight-exclusive map allows a total of 4 soldiers: 2 players and 2 enemy NPCs.  You have to kill your foes as quickly as you can by sprinting through the three lanes with your guns ready. Be sure to watch your corners during this map and send your teammate down the path you’re not going through.

Gun Runner
This daytime map is small and consists of a few warehouses that have wide-open areas for close-range combat. Start camping by the corners instead of running around so that you can minimize the risk of being shot in the back and can see your way out.

If the corners don’t seem like an option in the moment, then sprint or fire your gun as fast you can. The quickest draw will emerge victorious but you should avoid sprinting when in the narrow hallways and smaller building. This is because you’re much more audible to your foes so they’ll hunt you down and blow you away.

Hackney Yard
This map is mostly about close-range combat so stick with weapons like SMGs for this one. It’s one of the maps that can also be played in Night Vision mode with goggles.

Hackney Yard consists of 3 lanes, a warehouse, shipping containers and a few buildings that you spawn into. The majority of the action takes place outside of the buildings and at the center of the map.

Try taking advantage of the warehouse’s second-floor window to pick off enemies from above while watching your back with some claymores.  You can also camp on top of the roof of the building across this warehouse for a little bit before you get spotted.

This small Gunfight map has two main levels. The base-level has a good overview of the lower levels that consist of trenches and bunkers. Contrary to what Obi-Wan says, having the high ground isn’t your best shot.

Being in the trenches gives you opportunities to take sneak around and take down the upper-level enemies by surprise. If you’re on the upper level and find yourself puzzled by this; go for the headshots. It’s your only chance.

This Gunfight map consists of a big warehouse that has wooden structures and a wooden building that allows you to travel between both ends of the map. There is also an outside area but we don’t recommend you sticking around there since you find much cover out there.

There is a building in the center of the map that you can access via stairs on both the north and south sides. We don’t recommend you stick around in there for too long since the dual entrances make surprise attacks a bigger likelihood.

This urban city map is filled with large buildings, rubble and abandoned buses everywhere. The buses provide excellent cover as you make your way to the buildings but avoid staying on the streets for too long. Your enemies will mostly be taking cover in the buildings so visit them and go from one to another.

You can also access the subway to make your way across the map safely underground. Take advantage of cover whenever you can in this map or else you and your team will be easy pickings for the enemy.

As you may have guessed from the name, this map’s layout consists of a forest area.  This area has ramps, a shack and many natural bushes that you can utilize for cover so it’s easy to assume that this is a training course.

You can choose to camp inside the shack for protection but be careful; enemies from the outside can still get you once you’re out of cover.

The bushes are the best cover along with the storage container so rack in a few kills then move to the next cover.

This map is a Middle Eastern village with many buildings that you can enter and camp inside for cover. Use the second-floor windows to fire from while watching your back with claymores and explosives.

The center of the map is an open area that is surrounded by buildings on all sides so we strongly advise you steer clear of that area unless you’ve got a death wish.  If you absolutely have to go through it then break into your tactical sprint to get from one building to the other.

The western end of the map has a more covered path that allows you to proceed forward more safely but keep any eye out for any enemy that has the same idea.

This Gunfight map’s layout is an old worn-out paintball course so you can pretty much picture how it looks, as well as how many different ways you can maneuver from cover to cover.

The best vantage points are the bridge and storage container so try to set up a perimeter around them before your enemies can. Also, use the rectangular walls to check your corners.

St. Petrograd
This map is ideal for sniping because of its length. The perimeters of the maps have great sightlines and loads of cars you can use for cover. You can also engage in other types of fighting by heading to the train car building sections.

These buildings have windows on the second floor that you can camp by while watching your other end with explosives.

This Gunfight map’s Northern and Southern perimeters have buildings that give you great cover and have spectacular sightlines so that you can win the battle without ever having to leave. To the East and West sides are open paths that you can sprint through to get from one end of the area to the next.

We recommend you stay in the building since it is ideal for combat and you’ll get picked off by enemies outside. The building has a two-story centerpiece that you should make your way towards if you spawn outside.

That about covers every map. A lot of these tactics will come to naturally as you play the game so don’t worry too much about remembering all of this. Just have fun and take advantage of what each map is offering you to protect yourself while dealing out pain to your enemies.