Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode Detailed by Activision

Activision has finally detailed Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Mode. The publisher is releasing two Call of Duty titles this year, one for consoles, PC and the other for mobile devices. Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale download is currently available for select Android users in India and Australia.

As mentioned in the blog post, Call of Duty Battle Royale for mobile devices is similar to Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. Players will parachute their way into a massive map and the last person or team to survive will win the match.

Despite the similarities, Activision mentions that COD: Mobile Battle Royale offers a unique experience. The publisher describes the unique experience it offers with the following points:

  • Up to 100 players in a match.
  • Single, Two-person and Four-person playlists are currently being tested
  • Players can choose from six different classes, each comes with a unique ability and skill.
  • The rules are similar to Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. Players will drop in from above and have to find weapons and gear to survive on the ground. To win, players have to eliminate everyone else.
  • Teammates can be revived by collecting their dog tags. Afterward, these successfully-healed teammates will drop into the map from a cargo plane.
  • Players can choose to play in either a third or first-person mode. This option will be available before the match begins.
  • The massive map features a wide variety of new locations and some from the previous Call of Duty titles like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Since COD: Mobile is still early in development and testing, so things are subject to change.

Prior to each match, players will have the option to choose from different classes, camos, and skins. Each class offers a unique ability as explained by Activision below.

  • Defender: With the ability to place a deformable Transform Shield, this class also is Reinforced, raising resistance to all damage except bullets.
  • Mechanic: Able to call an EMP Drone to create electro-magnetic interference on hostile forces, this class also features the Engineer ability, granting augmented sight to vehicles, hostile traps, and other equipment.
  • Scout: Utilizing the Sensor Dart that can view hostile positions in the immediate area of the radar map, this class also benefits from the Tracker ability; allowing you to see fresh footprints of hostiles.
  • Clown: A master of distraction and friend of the undead, this class has a Toy Bomb to detonate, summoning zombies that only attack hostiles near to them; due in part to the Clown having the Anti-
  • Zombieability, which reduces the zombies’ aggression distance.
  • Medic: This class can place a Medical Station that continuously heals the Medic and associated allies in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the Master Healer ability allows a Medic to heal more quickly, and reduces the time it takes to revive teammates.
  • Ninja: Lastly, this clandestine class has a Grapple Gun that fires a hook, allowing you to propel yourself up and onto target buildings or across the landscape at speed. Movement is quiet too, due to this class having the Dead Silence ability.

As for reviving teammates, it can be done by collecting their dog tag and by pressing the revive button. However, do remember that your teammate will not appear on the map immediately, instead, they will drop out from a plane onto the map, which takes some time.

On the ground, the game will automatically collect suitable equipment for you, but you have the option to grab anything from the ground similar to Blackout. Doors will automatically open when you step to them. Also, players can climb through windows and on to the ladders.

Besides that, there are a total of 4 vehicles that will be available in the game at launch described as follows.

  • ATV: A two-person quad-bike with speed but little protection.
  • Light Helicopter: With room for three including the pilot, allowing you to rain down fire from above.
  • SUV: An armored troop carrier with room for four, offering more ponderous mobility, but the extra protection compared to the ATV.
  • Tactical Raft: Take to the waters (including an ocean and rivers) in this fast boat, but watch for snipers.

Interested folks can read the full blog post by Activision to know every single detail about COD: Mobile Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty: Mobile release date is set for “coming months” on iOS and Android devices, according to the publisher. The mobile version of Call of Duty is being developed by TIMI, a studio owned by Tencent.

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