New Tencent Call Of Duty Game Looks Just As Good On Mobile Phones As Consoles

A new Tencent Call of Duty game for mobile looks just as good as some of the older Call of Duty games, if promotional screenshots are to be believed.

A new Tencent Call of Duty game on mobile that is apparently going to be releasing in the next few months has graphics that would probably not be out of place on a console, which is really saying something considering the normal difference in graphics between mobile games and consoles.

The thoughts about the graphical quality of these mobile games come from a number of leaked screenshots that have been put out online, showing bits of gameplay, character shots, and first-person views as well. While they do have the normal user interface that often graces mobile games due to screen space, leaving a lot of different buttons to press, the games still look good.

Whether they’ll play well on a mobile phone is another matter, however, especially when a smartphone’s touch interface doesn’t have the sort of responsiveness that a controller does, and that’s not even getting into the possibility of hitting the wrong button and whatnot.

From what we know about the Tencent Call of Duty game it appears that it will be a free-to-play mobile game along the lines of the mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite ports, where players can play the game for free but have the option to buy supply crates where they can get better weapons and perks.

While it seems so far like this Tencent Call of Duty game is only going to be available in Asia (considering where Tencent is headquartered and the size of the market there), hopefully a game that looks this good will be able to be released into other regions as well, though we’ll have to wait for it to release to see if that happens.

The game is being developed exclusively for Android devices, but if you want to see these screenshots for yourself you can look further up the article.

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