Call of Duty: Ghosts Perks Guide – Know The Best Perks

Call of Duty Ghosts
With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward has experienced with a few things while keeping some of the things intact. One of the improved things that we have seen in the game is the redefined perk system.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Perks

Perks in Call of Duty allow you to change the course of the game with certain advantages on your opponents. However, it is very crucial to know your play-style, game mode, and the map you are playing on before selecting these perks.

It is also good to have different perks for different weapons. Like you need to have Sleight of Hand with a gun with good reloading time. Unlike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, there are no more pro-perks in the game. However, the number has been doubled up and now there is a total of 35 perks to choose from.

Moreover, these perks have been divided into seven different categories, namely:

  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Stealth
  • Awareness
  • Resistance
  • Equipment
  • Elite

Each of these afore mentioned categories have five perks each.

The New Perk System

Perk system in Call of Duty: Ghosts has been changed a bit and is almost identical to Call of Duty: Black Ops II with those points system.

Each perk is designated a point ranging from 1 to 5 with a total of 12 points to spend on perk considering you don’t take any Primary Weapon and Tactical/Lethal equipments.

However, if you take one Primary Weapon with a single Frag Grenade and Flash Bang, you will only get 9 points for perks. You also need to know that Primary Weapon Attachments, Secondary Weapon, Killstreaks, and Secondary Weapon Attachments don’t affect these points.

For completing the 12 points, you can select Deadeye (5 Points Perk), Danger Close (4 Points Perk), and Wiretrap (3 Points Perk) but you won’t be able to have any Primary Weapon or Lethal/Tactical Equipment. So it is good to go through your Loadout and select your perks accordingly.


Ready Up – 1 Point
This perk allows you to aim down the sights much quicker after sprinting allowing you to aim quickly and kill quickly. This has been in Call of Duty: Black Ops II as well but was called as Dexterity. It is good for rushers who like to run around the whole map and hunt down people.

Sleight of Hand – 2 Points
Who doesn’t know what Sleight of Hand does?! It has been in the game throughout the previous installments as well. Sleight of Hand basically allows you to reduce the reload time of your weapon to half.

I personally can’t play without Sleight of Hand as I have a bad habit of reloading after every kill. Guns with a higher rate of fire must be equipped with this perk as they run out of ammo quickly.

Agility – 2 Points
Agility was known as Lightweight in previous Call of Duty entry and it allows you to roam around the map at a much faster pace. It also allows you to climb the obstacles more rapidly. This perk is amazing for flanking the enemy objective and game modes like Cranked or Team Deathmatch where you need to move around. It also helps you out get out from unwanted firefights.

Marathon – 2 Points
Marathon allow you to sprint for longer distances quickly. This perk has also been in previous Call of Duty titles and can be used in objective based game modes to capture points and get inside the enemy spawns at a much rapid pace.

Stalker – 3 Points
Stalker was also there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 but became a weapon attachment in Call of Duty: Black Ops II known as Stock. Stalker basically allows you to move faster while you’re aiming down the sights. This is a really a useful perk and a medium-short engagements where you can move around quicker and let your enemies miss their shots.


Strong-Arm – 1 Point
Strong-Arm allows you to throw both your Lethal and Tactical grenades at a much farther distance than normal. In addition to this, you can also cook Frag Grenades faster and throw back enemy grenades quicker without worrying about them exploding in your hands.

This is a particularly useful perk to use especially when you are running on C4s or Canister Bomb which have much shorter range.

On the Go – 1 Point
This perk lets you reload while you are running. It comes in really handy when pushing inside the enemy spawn especially when equipped with Ready Up. Great for game modes like Cranked and Blitz.

Reflex – 2 Points
Reflex is exactly like Fast Hands and Sleight of Hand Pro from previous installments of the game. This perk lets you swap your weapons at a much faster rate. Swapping to your side-arm is always faster than reloading the weapon.

Players running with Sniper Rifles, Marksman Rifles, and Light Machine Guns must be equipped with this one to switch to their sidearm at a much quicker rate. It also allows you to regain the control of your gun after using Tactical/Lethal Grenades.

Steady Aim – 2 Points
Steady Aim improves the hip-fire accuracy of your weapons by 30%. This perk is very useful during running around the corners and objectives when there is not time to aim down the sight.

Steady Aim will allow you to have a tighter spray of bullets when firing from the hip. Hip-firing is really very useful since it wins you most of the surprised gun fights.

Quickdraw – 3 Points
It is always recommended to use hip-fire when you run into enemies at a corner. The second best option is to have Quickdraw. This perk allows you to aim down sights at a much quicker rate than normal.

Having this perk while using SMGs and Pistols will make you spray down enemies like crazy! This is good for close quarter engagements and small maps where chances of bumping into enemies are more.


Takedown – 1 Point
When you kill an enemy, his teammates are able to see the location of where he died by a small skull appearing on their screen. And most people who are good at game are able to hunt you down using that location.

So this perk allows you not to reveal the location of a fallen soldier to his/her teammates. This is really useful in game modes like Search and Rescue where you don’t want to reveal the location of a dead opponent.

Blind Eye – 2 Points
Blind Eye can also be found in previous Call of Duty installments. This perk allows you to remain undetected by enemy Killstreaks like Trinity Rocket or Helicopter. However, Guard Dog and Maniac will still be able to see you.

You can also die by chance if you are too near the impact of an enemy Killstreak.

Dead Silence – 2 Points
Dead Silence was over-excessively used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 along with Assassin for game modes like Search and Destroy. This allows you to move around the map without making any sound which players with those expensive headphones can detect easily.

You should use it in game modes like Search and Rescue where you could strafe around enemy spawns without them letting know of your presence.

Incog – 3 Points
Incog was called as Assassin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and it makes you immune to enemy Thermal Sensor, Hybrid Sensor, Tracker Sight, etc. People running with Marksman Rifles will not be able to see a your name above your head from long ranges.

Off the Grid – 3 Points
Off the Grid makes you invisible on enemy’s mini-map while their Satcom is on the ground. However, you will still appear on their mini-map if you shoot with an un-silenced weapon. So bear that in mind!


Recon – 1 Point
Recon was also there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and allows you to see the location of an enemy on your mini-map if you manage to get a hit marker with either your Lethal or Tactical Equipment.

Scavenger – 2 Points
From whatever I have played until now, I think this is most useful perk in Call of Duty: Ghosts as you run out of ammo much quicker. This allows you to replenish your ammo from fallen enemy soldiers. If you are more of a running and gunning kind of player then this is a must for you!

Amplify – 2 Points
This perk allows you to hear enemy footsteps from a long distance which is insane in modes like Search and Rescue where you can just sit near the planed bomb and wait for enemies to pass by.

However, it is recommended that you should have a good headset to make the most out of this perk.

Sitrep – 2 Points
Sitrep allows you to see the enemy Lethal and Tactical Equipment as bright red on your screen; even through the wall. It is very frustrating to go inside a room with a Claymore or Bouncing Betty. Sitrep makes sure you don’t run into such kinds of situation especially while playing offensive.

Wiretrap – 3 Points
This perk kind of feels like cheating as it allows you to hack into the enemy Satcom and use it like your own but only for yourself. And these Satcom(s) are also able to stack. In this way, you can also get an Orbital VSAT by stacking 2 of your own Satcom(s) and 2 of your enemies’.


Resilience – 1 Point
This effect of this perk used to be a part of Lightweight in previous Call of Duty games where you take no damage from falling. You can jump around obstacles and jump from anywhere you want. However, it is not suitable for all maps in the game.

Painkiller – 2 Points
Painkiller allows you to regenerate your health at a much faster rate than normal. I mean, you could simply run and gun around the maps without worrying about giving enemy teammates those easy 1-shot kills when you are low on health.

Focus – 2 Points
Called as Toughness in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Focus allows you to stay on target while you are being shot at and not flinch much. This is a good perk to use while capturing objectives in Domination when you are constantly in gun fights.

Reduced flinch means reduced weapon sway which leads to more precised aiming and more kills.

Tac Resist – 2 Points
This perk has also been in Call of Duty: Black Ops II as Tactical Mask which makes you immune to 9-Bangs and Concussion Grenades. This perk is pretty powerful while capturing an objective in Domination; where you will be swarmed with these Tactical Grenades.

Blast Shield – 2 Points
Blast Shield works exactly like Tac Resist but it makes you immune to Lethal Equipment by 50%. Slayers expecting Claymore and Bouncing Betties in the rooms of a building better run with this perk equipped.


Extra Tactical – 1 Point
With this perk you would be able to have an additional Tactical Grenade with you. However, it will consume a point from your total perk points; so bear that in mind.

Extra Lethal – 2 Points
You would be running with an extra Lethal Grenade using this perk. Great to use in Cranked game mode where you need kills by any means possible. This will also consume a point from your total perk points.

Fully Loaded – 2 Points
Run with Scavenger and Fully Loaded and you can hunt down enemies without worrying about running out of ammo for longer durations. This perk allows you to have extra magazines for your weapons which is good in Domination matches that are lengthy and require a lot of bullets.

Extra Attachment – 3 Points
This is exactly like Primary Gunfighter from Black Ops II which lets you have three attachments for your primary weapon.

Danger Close – 4 Points
Danger Close increases the blast radius of your Lethal Grenades which is very useful to take out enemies trying to capture an objective without getting in fray.


Gambler – 1 Point
This is just hit and trial as this perk allows you to have any random perk during the beginning of a match.

Hardline – 2 Points
This perk allows you to earn Killstreaks faster. In addition to this, if you take 2 assists, they will count as a single kill.

Ping – 2 Points
This perk lets you know the location of nearby enemies after killing an enemy which is great to use for making long Killstreaks in modes like Cranked and TDM.

With this perk, you would be able to run with two Primary Weapons instead of just one. You can mix them up to suit your play-style and have a long-ranged weapon along with a Shotgun or an SMG.

Deadeye – 5 Points
Deadeye also seems like kind of cheating as it boosts your damage with each consecutive kill which can be way too overpowered. This perk is ideal to choose in fast-paced game modes like Cranked and Team Deathmatch.

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