Call of Duty: Ghosts Rorke Files Locations ‘Audiophile’ Guide

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty franchise has always had a spot for pieces of Intel in almost every title. These Intel pieces are mostly scattered throughout the single-player campaign and finding all these pieces is just for the sake of 100% completion of the game. Besides this, the Intel collected doesn’t do anything.

Unlike the previous installments, the number of Intel pieces that can be found in this game is reduced to 18 and is named after the game’s villain, Rorke. Each mission in the game has one Rourke File that can be found and uploaded.

Finding and uploading all Rorke Files will net you Audiophile achievement or trophy. Read on to know to location of each Rourke File that the game has to deliver:

Call of Duty: Ghosts Rorke Files Intel Locations

Mission #1: Ghost Stories
Rorke File Location: During the Ghost Stories, Hush will push a barricade/door for you. Soon after you gain the control of Logan, the road in front of you will begin to crumble down. Now, instead of following Hush, move forward and go right into a house with a car parked outside. Get inside that house and grab the Intel from the floor.

Mission #2: Brave New World
Rorke File Location: After you talk to Elias, he will lead you to the top floor balcony for the mission debriefing. Before going to Balcony, make sure to grab the Intel from the table.

Mission #3: No Man’s Land
Rorke File Location: After you get to the Construction Area, get inside the nearby building and grab the Intel from the desk to your right before exiting.

Mission #4: Struck Down
After breaching into the Locker Room with Keegan, look to right to find the a Rorke File inside a cabinet.

Mission #5: Homecoming
Rorke File Location: Just as the mission starts, you will be required to head up the stairs. Instead of running up the stairs, take left and pick up the Intel from the lower floor.

Mission #6: Legends Never Die
Rorke File Location: After the city gets flooded and you part ways with Rorke; you will enter a building with two soldiers behind a desk with the Intel on it.

Mission #7: Federation Day
Rorke File Location: After you rappel down into the building and use LASER to cut the glass; head to your left and find the Intel on a small booth.

Mission #8: Birds of Prey
Rorke File Location: After you clear the sequence with the second helicopter, you will breach inside a room with the Intel directly in front of. This is very near to the end of the mission and you will have about 10 seconds to grab it.

Mission #9: The Hunted
Rorke File Location: During the sequence where you are required to follow you team, look to the left of Waterfall and some Vines to collect the Intel.

Mission #10: Clockwork
Rorke File Location: Soon after the power goes out, you will see a glass room in front of you. Get inside and grab the Intel from a desk inside.

Mission #11: Atlas Falls
Rorke File Location: After getting inside the Pressure Regulator Control Room, your teammate will hold off the only guy in the room. Meanwhile, you can grab the Intel on a file cabinet inside a small office.

Mission #12: Into the Deep
Rorke File Location: After sinking the ship and taking out enemies at the front, look to right to grab the Intel.

Mission #13: End of the Line
Rorke File Location: After you enter the Missile Room, you will need to use camera. Look behind the stairs and the Intel will be there.

Mission #14: Sin City
Rorke File Location: After the Kitchen sequence, an AI will lift a gate for you to crawl through it; turn left after standing up and grab the Intel.

Mission #15: All or Nothing
Rorke File Location: After wearing the mask at the beginning of the mission, get back to the other rows and collect the Intel.

Mission #16: Severed Ties
Rorke File Location: After launching the missiles, get after Rorke. Go down the first set of stairs and after you pass through the first doorway, take the door to your right to grab the Intel.

Mission #17: Loki
Rorke File Location: You will need to take out several enemies after the Fuel Line explodes; get out of the section and look to your left near the Solar Panel to grab the next piece of Intel floating away in space.

Mission #18: The Ghost Killer
Rorke File Location: After spawning in the train carriage, look to your right and you will get the final piece of Intel of the game. Pop-up the Achievement/Trophy.

If you need any further help regarding any of the Intel pieces; comment below and we will get back to you!

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