Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Endings Guide

This Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Endings Guide covers all of the different endings you can get in COD Black Ops Cold War. These endings depend on the decisions you make throughout the campaign of BLOPS CW.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Endings

Some of these decisions cause minute alterations while others can completely change the game’s ending.

We will go through all of the important decisions you make that can alter your experience at the end.

The major decisions that you have to make are

The Good Ending

This ending is considered to be the best amongst the other possible plot choices. To trigger this ending, you have to tell the truth about Perseus during the interrogation.

Doing so will start another mission where you and your team will head to Solovetsky Monastery to disable the radar array that Perseus was going to use to detonate the nuke.

After you complete the mission, you will see a recap of your campaign decisions and then join Adler on some cliffs near Solovetsky where he will tell you that your services were great and then point a pistol at you because apparently, you knew too much.

You will both end up shooting each other, and Perseus will never be killed or captured.

The Bad Ending

To trigger this ending, you have to lie during the interrogation bit and your team will believe you.

After you select the Duga option, you are then given another key choice to either inform Perseus about the CIA’s plan or not.

Informing Perseus
If you betray your CIA friends by informing Perseus of their plan then you will go to the Radar Array at Duga.

Your team will sweep the base and find it empty.

Then Adler will ask if you lied to them or not. You can then select to either argue with him or signal an ambush.

Doing the latter will result in Perseus and his men attacking the CIA.

Then you have to hunt down Woods, Mason, Park/Lazar (Whomever you saved earlier in the campaign) & Adler.

Adler can be found wounded inside a building. He will ask for a smoke and then try to stab you. Win that fight to finally kill Adler.

Perseus will then congratulate you and tell you all about his plan for the new Soviet Union. He even lets you launch the nukes as a reward.

Not Informing Perseus
If you don’t inform Peruses about the CIA’s plan, then you won’t get any ambush option after you sweep the Duga base.

Instead, the CIA will kill you for your betrayal, and Perseus will detonate the nukes himself.

Additional Changes

The voice that narrates your campaign decisions will either be Hudson or Perseus, depending on what ending you choose.

The key things they will tell you are:

  • The outcome of Operation Red Circus
  • The outcome of Operation Chaos
  • Qasim Javadi’s fate
  • The fate of Anton Volkov
  • The fate of the operative you left behind in Cuba
  • The fate of the operative you saved in Cuba.

These are all the major changes you can experience in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s Endings.

It follows in the footsteps of the previous Black Ops games of having multiple endings, which is always welcome.

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