Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Trial Of Thunder Guide

Trial of Thunder is the first step in completing the Toh Yahsa shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild and we can help you solve it.

Certain shrines and quests in Zelda Breath of the Wild require players to complete some trials in order to progress. To reveal the hidden Toh Yahsa shrine in Breath of the Wild, players have to complete one such trial dubbed the Trial of Thunder. With the completion of Zelda BOTW Trial of Thunder, players will be able to unlock the Toh Yahsa shrine and pick up the Rubber armor to aid them against Shock damage.

How to start Zelda BOTW Trial of Thunder

Trial of Thunder is located in the Thundra Plateau of Breath of the Wild. The trial begins as soon as players enter the area by gliding in from the Ridgeland Tower side. The area should be easy to spot as it is always raining in Thundra Plateau. This also means lightning strikes can damage you so be careful.

Luckily, once you complete the Thundra Plateau puzzle and claim your reward from Toh Yahsa shrine, the rainstorm will stop.

How to do the Zelda Breath of the Wild Trial of Thunder

In order to complete the Trial of Thunder shrine quest and reveal the Toh Yahsa shrine, players will have to solve a puzzle that awaits them.

To solve the Trial of Thunder in Zelda BOTW, you need to put 4x orbs in their respective places. The altars where you need to place each orb are marked with the same color as the orb. Once all orbs have been placed, the Thundra Plateau shrine will reveal itself.

Keep in mind that if you somehow misplace an orb or get stuck somewhere during the trial, simply leaving the area will reset the Trial of Thunder and then you can return again to complete it.

All these 4 orbs are scattered around in the Thundra Plateau. There is a thunderstorm in that area so you have to be careful and avoid getting hit by lightning.

The purple orb is the easiest to find since it’s right in the middle of the Thundra Plateau. All you need to do is take the orb and place it in the bowl which has the same markings as the orb.

Next up is the Green orb, located on one of the bowl towers. Look around after putting the Purple orb and you will see the Green orb on one of the towers, you have to hit two or three arrows to make it fall on the ground. Pick up the orb and place it in the bowl with the identical markings.

For the next two orbs, you are going to need the Stasis Rune and a heavy-hitting weapon such as; Sledge Hammer, etc.

Look around the area and you will notice a Red glowing orb in the distance.

Since it’s very easy to find, you don’t have to put extra effort into finding it. When you reach the platform, you need to figure out a way to move it to the central puzzle area.

Face towards the area where you have to put the orb, use Stasis on it and keep hitting it until it turns dark red, make sure that the arrow points in the direction of the bowl towers. The moment Stasis wears off, the Red orb will go flying towards the bowl towers area. Climb the big platform where you threw the Red orb and place it where it belongs.

Lastly, to find the Orange orb, you have to go North from the Thundra Plateau. You will see the Orange orb on a platform. You can use Revali’s Gale to reach the platform or you can just bring it down using arrows.

If you are using arrows then the next step is to take the orb and place it on the high ground parallel to the Thundra Plateau. Use Stasis on it and throw it flying in the direction of the Thundra Plateau.

Just pick up the orb and place it in the last bowl and Thundra Plateau shrine, Toh Yahsa shrine, will reveal itself and you are ready to claim your reward.

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