Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Ruvo Korbah Shrine Guide

In Zelda Breath of the Wild, Ruvo Korbah Shrine is one of the 16 DLC shrines. As a DLC version, you can only access this Shrine during the...

In Zelda Breath of the Wild, Ruvo Korbah Shrine is one of the 16 DLC shrines. As a DLC version, you can only access this Shrine during the Ex Champion Ballad’s “One-Hit Obliterator” quest. However, you must first defeat all four divine beasts.

In Zelda BOTW, Korbah Shrine is found in the Great Plateau region and is one of the most challenging and longest shrines to complete. To begin this Shrine, you must first acquire One-Hit Obliterator, which you will use to conquer any Guardians you encounter while exploring the Shrine.

Ruvo Korbah Shrine location

Ruvo Korbah Shrine is located in the Great Plateau region in the fields around the Old Man’s hut. However, just like other Shrines, you won’t be able to discover it simply by reaching the location. After reaching the Shrine’s location south of the “Temple of Time,” you must first defeat the enemy camp.

The Zelda Breath of the Wild Ruvo Korbah shrine will appear as you do it. The first thing you must do here is, return to the Shrine of Resurrection and get a One-Hit Obliterator. Once you have it, next, head to the enemy camp.

The area consists of many enemies and is located south of the Temple of Time. On reaching the camp, you will find dangerous monsters, including Lizalfos, Moblin, and Bokoblins, among which are riding Stalhorses. You must defeat all these enemies, and then Shrine in Zelda BOTW will appear.

You can use swords, Bows, and arrows on the low-tier enemies. The best strategy to knock out the enemies is to climb the Temple and aim arrows sitting up there. You can tackle enemies at a distance using long-range arrows and bows.

And as you will find many such enemies located far from you, keep a large number of arrows with you. Once the trial has started, you cannot leave the arena to get these arrows, as doing so will stop the Shrine.

Thus, once you have defeated all the enemies in the camp, the Ruvo Korbah Shrine will appear.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Ruvo Korbah shrine walkthrough

As you enter the Ruvo Korbah shrine in Zelda BOTW, you must be extremely careful throughout the Shrine as the fights earlier will have probably drained a lot of your health.

Firstly, on entering the Shrine, you will find a Guardian Scout. As the Guardian Scout moves towards you, use the shield to resist its beam, and once it gets in the range, use One-Hit Obliterator, and it will be dead. Killing it will give reward you with a chest with ten bomb arrows.

After this, get on the platform via which Guardian in Zelda BOTW came to you and then go down. As the platform goes down, you will discover a new area. Progress through the area, and you will find a locked door and a chest at a ledge, but unfortunately, for now, it will be unapproachable for you, and you have to work for it.

As you leave the locked door, you will find a small Guardian. Eliminate them using a bow or whatever and move forward. You will reencounter another Guardian Scout, giving you a tough time as it has 1500 Hp. Like the first Guardian Scout, all you need to do is first use the shield to resist its attack, then wait for the opening and make perfect use of the One-Hit Obliterator in Zelda Breath of the Wild to finish it off.

After taking this out, you will encounter two more Guardians. Take them out and enter the room by climbing the ladder. You will find the chest with Giant Ancient Core inside the room.

Afterward, go back to the room with a ladder, and you will find a key in a chest there. Now, it is time for you to head back to the locked door and open it. As you head back towards it, you will find many Guardian Scouts on your way. You can’t take all of them down at once; you need to plan it so that you only fight with one of them at once.

As you encounter the first two Gaurdian Scouts, immediately build ice blocks using Cryonis in Zelda BOTW. One will be blocked behind these blocks; you can take the other down using the bows. Once you have defeated both of these, it’s time to return to the path you previously followed.

As you enter the room where you fought a small Gaurdian, hold your shield and try to reach the highest platform. At this platform, you will encounter another Gaurdian scout, so keep holding your shield to avoid the laser beam attack and then kill it using the One-hit Obliterator.

On defeating all the Gaurdian Scouts, the gate to the Monk will be opened. Go inside the gate, speak to Sheikah Monk, and this will complete the Ruvo Korbah Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild, rewarding you with Spirit Orb.