Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad EX Shrines Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad EX Shrines Guide to help you learn all about finding and completing all EX Shrines in the new DLC.

This Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad EX Shrines Guide will tell you the precise locations of all four of the Shrines so that you can quickly complete this part of the game and move on to the more exciting stuff.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad EX Shrines

If you want to start the quest, then head on to the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau.

Now place the Sheikah Slate and pick up the One Hit Obliterator to start the quest. With this weapon, you can kill enemies in one hit while simultaneously also dying in one hit. The ability has two charges.

When you pick up the Obliterator, you will be able to see four markers with four monsters. You need to defeat all four to see the four shrines from where you can continue forward.

How to Start

To start the quest for the new DLC, you need to find four different shrines (Yokawa Ita, Ruvo Korbah, Rohta Chigah and Etsu Korima) on the Great Plateau, which can be arduous.

Each of the Shrines is being guarded by a considerable number of enemies, consider yourself dead if you move in without a strategy in mind.

The Shrines also require you to do challenges such as obstacles courses or lengthy combats with various strong enemies.

The first step of the quest makes you take on all four of the shrines, with this guide, you will be able to prepare yourself instead of brute-forcing your way in.

Yowaka Ita Shrine
Grab the torch by the brazier on your right and light it up. Cross the ice bridge which will take you to two blocks of ice.

Melt one of these blocks until you can pick it up. Carry it with you into the next room. Stand on either of the switches.

To step up onto the platform located in the center, use the block you’ve been carrying by putting it right next to the ice block that just fell from the ceiling. Relight your torch once again from the brazier and then proceed to climb up the steps you just made.

Melt the first two blocks found on the back of the platform, which will in turn reveal a hidden tunnel.

Melt the next block which seems to be closing off the tunnel to find a chest with a frostblade in it.

Head outside, get your torch lit up again, and melt another block to create a path up. Head forward, past the large ice block at the top of the platform, and you can relight your torch in the next room if you happened to have extinguish it.

Melt the ice block on top and pick it up. Take it down to the room with the water and throw it underneath the low wall.

Shove it until it’s against the back wall and climb up on top. Use cryonis to place an ice block right under your feet, and one under the block you’re standing on.

Climb up and you will find Kee Dafunia, and you can get your Ruta Emblem.

Ruvo Korbah Shrine
Grab the bomb arrows from the chest upon entering. Use the switch found at the top of the stairs, and go back to the first room, and proceed to go to the lower level.

Turn left immediately after the first door, and proceed forward with care because you will soon run in with a mini guardian. Take it out with a simple eye-shot.

Go up the stairs and shoot the Guardian found at the top, along with another found to the left. Use the Obliterator to kill the Guardian found on your left.

Go across the room and down the stairs. Take care of another mini-guardian on your left. Use the corner of the hallway as cover against the Guardian.

Take the hallway to your left on the bottom floor which will lead you to a chest containing a giant ancient core.

Head out of the hallway and climb the ladder to your right. You can find a chest with a small key, which will unlock the door you found at the entrance. Drop off the ledge to the left of the chest, and unlock the locked door on your right.

The final room has four Guardians. Take cover using the fences, and use your shock and bomb arrows to stun the guardians. Once all four are taken care of, drop down to the exist and grab the spirit orb.

Rohta Chigah Shrine
Go to the hill and sneak around to the top of the hill so that you can kill the Lizalfos below. Now enter the shrine and use Magnesis to use the metal platforms. Before moving onto the next room, use the cube to climb up to the chest and get a forest dweller’s shield.

Next up are spinning gears, stay in the center and pass right through to the moving platforms.

Afterwards, you’ll come across the classic spiky metal balls swinging around. Use stasis to make your way through this little puzzle.

At last, press the button to run from the wall of spikes in the passage which will try to kill you. Use Stasis on the stone locks to dodge them and complete the challenge by collecting the spirit orb.

Etsu Korima Shrine
Go to Mount Hylia and climb to the peak to find a Wizzrobe. Destroy it using Bomb Arrows and then drop down to the Shrine.

It will be pitch black with lasers and torches being the only convenience. Run from one torch to the next, until you get to the next room.

On your right, you will find the room with the spinning spike columns. Head to the left-most corner of the room as soon as you enter. Take out your bow and light the arrow on one of the braziers.

Look down onto the left wall of the room, on which you will find a chest. Shoot it with a flaming arrow to get its contents.

In the third room, wait for the flames to subside and then get to the fourth room.

For the final room, get ready to face off against Guardians. Defeat the first Guardian by using the blocks around you as cover.

Once you’ve dealt with the first one, there will be 2 more waiting ahead. After dealing with all enemies, grab the spirit orb by heading to the top of the stairs.

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