Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Daag Chokah Shrine Guide

Finding the Daag Chokah shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of the most difficult tasks in the game but the quest is worth it...

Daag Chokah shrine is one of the more difficult shrines to find in Zelda: Breath of the Wild but the quest leading to it is way too interesting to be missed. As a part of the main shrines, the reward for completing Zelda: Breath of the Wild Daag Chokah shrine is a spirit orb and some of the best dialogues the game has to offer. Don your stealth attire and descend into the darkest parts of the Lost Woods to start this journey.

Where to find Zelda: Breath of the Wild Daag Chokah Shrine

Daag Chokah Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild is in Korok Forest. The exact location of Daag Chokah Shrine is Northwest of the Lost Woods. There is no way to reach it directly. If you attempt to go there, you will be lost and transported back to the beginning of the Lost Woods.

The only way to find Daag Chokah Shrine is to complete “The Lost Pilgrimage” shrine quest. The shrine itself has no puzzles to solve or enemies to kill so just complete The Lost Pilgrimage, enter the shrine and collect your reward to complete Daag Chokah shrine in Zelda BOTW.

zelda botw the lost pilgrimage

How to complete The Lost Pilgrimage in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

To start The Lost Pilgrimage shrine quest in Zelda BOTW, go to the Northern region of Korok forest. This area of the forest is dark with fog. You will find Tasho, a Korok, standing on a rock to the left of the entrance to the Lost Woods. Talking to her will start “The Lost Pilgrimage” quest.

She will tell Link about her little boy, the precious Okai, and his will to complete the Korok Trials by himself. She is worried sick about Okai’s safety but also doesn’t want to interfere with his resolve. Tasha will request Link to follow Okai to keep him safe without being seen by him.

Completing this shrine quest is easy but it is even easier to mess it up. If you are seen by Okai, simply travel in the fog to get lost and you will be transported back to the entrance. Restart the quest from here again.

Equip any armor you have with stealth capabilities. Crouch and start following little Okai who is on his pilgrimage to finish the trials. There are several ways to avoid being detected and not losing sight of Okai.

  • Use large grass or leaves to hide.
  • Don’t be alarmed if Okai gets suspicious. He reacts to every little thing including falling tree branches.
  • Follow blue nightshades as Okai uses them for light.
  • Hit and drop honeycombs from a distance if you feel like losing sight of Okai. He will come running to check out what has happened.
  • Look at Okai’s speech bubbles (monologues) to locate him if you can’t find him. Okai will constantly talk to himself during his little pilgrimage.
  • Sometimes, Okai will run backward so don’t be directly behind him. Move between the trees on the sides.

Near the shrine, you will be attacked by a wolf. Make sure to take it down with arrows or bait it away from Okai. Keep following Okai stealthily to reach Daag Chokah Shrine in Zelda BOTW. Talk to Okai and he will reveal a blessing awaits us in Daag Chokah shrine.

This will complete “The Lost Pilgrimage” shrine quest. Okai’s monologues are hilarious and to see him overcome his trials is way too cute. This is one quest we recommend everyone experience at least once.

Entering the shrine, you will be greeted by Daag Chokah’s voice congratulating you on finding the shrine. Open the treasure chest to grab the Ancient Core. Interact with the monk on the pedestal to receive a Spirit Orb and complete Zelda BOTW Daag Chokah shrine.

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