Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Walkthrough

Learn how to complete the Borderlands 3 Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot expansion with the help of this complete walkthrough

Moxxi takes her final revenge against Handsome Jack in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC which brings exciting action along with promising Loot, money, and sweet revenge. We have compiled this complete Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Walkthrough for you with details about all the main missions.

Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Walkthrough

The main missions in Moxxi’s Heist DLC are as follows

  1. The Handsome Jackpot
  2. Playing with Fire
  3. Winners and Losers
  4. One Man’s Treasure
  5. The Plan
  6. Jack’s Wild
  7. All Bets Off

The overall procedure of performing and completing the missions involves executing a bunch of task!

The Handsome Jackpot
To start first of all Interact with the Poster in Moxxi’s Bar in Sanctuary III. Next, you have to go to the control room where you can use the hyperspace terminal to make your way to the handsome jackpot!

Now use the drop pod and press the button to open the airlocks. After this make down your way to the Glamorous gateway. As you see the wheel, pull the lever to spin it. Now you must defeat the loader bots to do that shoot the limps which will prevent them from using weapons and moving.

Then head towards the Casino and continue down the Chump slots, on your way defeat the loader bots and other looters. Use corrosive weapons to melt through robot’s armors.

Then continue forward till you reach the Windfall way. Then follow the tracks which will take you to the Subway. Now you must kill the third rail and his gang looters which is easy if you use fire type weapons as they are vulnerable to that. Then travel to Spendopticon and go up the stairs till you reach the strip!

Now you must rescue Timothy which will be done as you clear the area, facing the EXP loaders is a big concern as they explode upon reaching you, keeping your distance and shooting their legs will get you through this.

As you rescue Timothy he will lead you and also give you the Corrosive weapon! The next thing you have to do is to get the Focalizer but be aware as the loader bots will be spawned in that area so follow the drill and shoot the limps!

Finally, place the Focalizer and smack it. After that head to Timothy’s hideout where you will talk to him and then you can use the Holo-Structor. The first mission ends here.

Playing with Fire
As the second mission starts, you have to go through yet again, a bunch of tasks starting with meeting up with Timothy, clearing all the loader bots along the way, upon reaching the district meet Timothy to unlock the door, Call the hyperway so you can travel to the Vice District.

Meet with Ember and defeat all the enemies on the way the NPCs around the area will help you find Ember’s location, head to Silky’s soak and clear the area from the enemies. Use Incendiary weapons against pretty boy’s thugs, place the gift received by Ember that can be found in the pile of garbage along the narrow alleyway in the map on the Pretty Boy Statue.

Head back to Foxxi’s and clear the enemies on the way. Speak to Ember as she appears when all the enemies are dead! This is where the second mission ends.

Winners and Losers
The third mission starts with using the information Kiosk then taking the ticket followed by using the terminal to use the subway then continue through the lotto gotto to the strip! Pull the lever to get access to Impound Deluxe and press the button next to the door.

Talk to the bot found upstairs at Client services area, ring the bell for Data requisition and get the form after talking to the bot, call the client services, take down the Bureaucracy bot which will also make the Bouncer bots hostile even though killing them is not mandatory and open the doors.

Continue down the hallway upon reaching the door take the number from the customer 1345 and defeat him when he attacks, press the button on the door and the button next to the bureaucracy bot, run inside the impound dock and access different impound docks then make your way to Beggar’s Beth for which you will have to look for 2 open panels.

Follow the marker through the slums and defeat the Constructor whose weak point is its eye which will stop him from the process even though defeating the Surveyors must be a priority when they are idle, talk to Freddie and follow him.

One Man’s Treasure
The next Mission is divided into two parts! First part starts with you heading to the district, defeat enemies that appear along the way, use the hyperway and head to the Golden Trough’s trash chute. Gather the trash around the area so the Golden trough can be piled up, use Ember’s Bomb to detonate the pile.

Kill Stanley to get his key, open the trash chute with the key to reach the Compactor, find the Trashlantis, enter Trashlantis to meet the mayor follow him and gather Loader power cells and head to Refuse Ridge.

Defeat the Scraptrap Nest and Prime which will be armored so use corrosive weapons also constantly move around the corners to avoid its attacks and then grab the AI chip it drops, find a way to get inside Tony Bordels’s fort that is through the clogged pipe which has to be shot at, make your way through the fort and take the Constructor’s eye.

In the second part of this mission Return to Traslantis and give the power cell to Freddie, place the parts on the broken constructor, take the improvised power source from Freddie and place them on the constructor.

Open the game and escort Clapstructor using Incendiary weapons as most enemies are human for armored enemies uses corrosive weapons first. Open the Barricade once you reach it by checking on Clapstructor, defend the Clapstructor along the way as it opens barrier and reinforces the beams.

Kill Tony Bordel by damaging his armor first with corrosive weapons, return to the mayor once reinforcing is done, talk to the mayor to end the mission!

The Plan
The plan has to be executed! For that Return to Case de Timothy in the Spendopticon, follow the marked to the door and open it.

Defeat Tricksy Nick and his ratch pets using fire weapons, Take the blueprints, activate the 3 switches in the right order from left to right as written on them. Also be ready to use your corrosive weapon against summoned bots.

Shoot the forcefield and collect compound 24, defeat handsome Jacket and Handsome Slacks by keeping your distance and attacking cleverly!

Jack’s Wild
The next mission starts as you head to the Spendoticon station clearing the enemies in the way, follow Timothy as he bypasses the security wing, enter the station core and clear it from Ractches using fire weapons as they have no armor, get the chemical tank to burn the ratches nest.

Timothy will bypass the forcefield where you will kill the security bots, use the elevator to go down and head to the power cable, shut down the Loader assembly line after Moxxi talks to you.

Move along the power cable and destroy the generator to go through another forcefield. As you reach the lab drop down from the broken ledge to trigger the boss fight where you will defeat the Fabricator which has two health bars each for shield and armor don’t forget to use shock weapon for shield and corrosive for armor.

Finally, shoot and destroy the power cables while aiming at the cracked tubes! And The Jack Wild’s end here.

All Bets Off
For the last mission go to Spendopticon and talk to Ember near the Welcome turrets.

Make your way to the Blast doors and clear the area of the enemies, take the Ultra-thermite from Ember and place it on blast doors, survive the enemies as door opens, enter the VIP lobby and clear all the enemies.

Defeat Freddy using electric weapons like a shock weapon also take out Pentunia first who uses shields to march towards you just get out of the way and shoot the side.

Take the elevator up and get out of it so start the final boss battle which will be against Jackpot, the vertical laser attacks by Jackpot are easy to avoid also its most weak as its stationary. Jackpot’s blast attacks are where he moves too and shoots wherever you go so stay out of sight.

When Jackpot summons P-Loaders attack it with a rocket launcher, as the Jackpots shields go down use the high fire rate weapon. Stay away as he carries out fire tornado attack by extending its arms.

After the Jackpot’s shield is gone he will become more mobile and aggressive so keep moving. Once defeated try the console to free Timothy, pick up the hand and use the console to end the Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.

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