Borderlands 3 Pretty Boy Statue Locations Guide

Learn the location of all the Pretty Boy statues in Borderlands 3's latest expansion as you try to rob a space casino with your crew

Borderlands 3 has come out with a brand new DLC; Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. In this, you will have to help Moxxi rob a space station casino owned by someone named Pretty Boy. The DLC has a whole new area that you can explore which is filled with Pretty Boy statues. In this guide, we will take you to all the Borderlands 3 Pretty Boy Statue Locations.

Borderlands 3 Pretty Boy Statue Locations

Once you meet Ember, you need to find these Pretty Boy statues and blow them up.  This guide will cover the locations of all the Pretty Boy statues in the DLC.


The area has two Pretty Boy statues in it.

Statue 1
Look for the first one by Casa De Timothy. It is located on the roof of the Time to Play Casino. You can access the roof via the beams to the left of the hedge facing the building.  You can jump between the beams to get to the roof but you will need to sprint in order to get enough thrust forward so that you end up on top of the Casino.

Statue 2
Once you’ve met Freddie, you can find the second statue in the Market. Run into it and then climb the platform beneath the Handsome Jack poster. Get on the rooftop that is shaped like a cone and then keep platforming until you can reach jump onto cone-like rooftop you should be able to climb onto.

Proceed onto the next platform, and then run to the statue to wreck it.

Impound Deluxe Pretty Boy Statue

You will find this statue on a small ledge that isn’t that high. The lack of elevation makes this one rather easy to find and reach.

Jack’s Secret

This statue can be found later on during the gameplay. The Pretty Boy statue is in the lower levels of the casino at the end of a conveyor belt. After you’ve taken out all the Loaders, head back to the second level and leap onto the nearest platform. From here, sprint and then jump off from the metal plank so that you can reach the conveyor belt.

VIP Tower

You get to this location near the end of the DLC and you will find the statue close to your objective so you should be able to find and reach it pretty easily. Simply run to the point on the map below and there will be a hedge that marks the Statue.

Once you’ve collected all of the statues, you will receive the Firebug achievement.