Borderlands 3 Class Mods Guide – Unlocking Class Mods, Legendary Mods, Tips

Check out the guide to Class Mods in Borderlands 3 to learn how to unlock Class Mods to outfit your characters and unlocking Legendary Class Mods.

In Borderlands 3, you can give the four vault hunters some bonuses by equipping Class Mods that improve their skills. You’ll come across them as you explore different worlds and they often vary in their rarity. Usually the rarer the Class Mod, the better the boost to a specific skill in your skill tree. This guide covers all you need to know about unlocking and equipping Class Mods in BL3.

Borderlands 3 Class Mods

The sad thing is that you initially will not be able to use any Class Mods you come across. You will have to complete the Hostile Takeover mission on Promethea to get one and unlock the rest.

Right after you beat Gigamind, collect its brain and then deliver it to Rhys. He’ll then give you the ability to add Class Mods.

Each of these mods adds a bonus to a particular class of skills in the skill tree. The boosts will be marked by a bright shine of blue and will be more effective.

You can equip them by opening the inventory slot and selecting the Class Mod you desire. You can only equip one at a time though so pick one that will benefit you the most at that moment.

Make sure the mods you collect are fitted to your character and if they aren’t, share them with a friend who is playing the character they fit or sell them if they’re likely to reign in some good money.

You can even sell them through vending machines. You can also store them in the bank that you have in your player’s quarters so that other users can take them.

The rarity of the class mod determines the number of skill points you receive for equipping them:

  • White – 1 skill bonus
  • Green – 2 skill bonuses
  • Blue – 3 skill bonuses
  • Epic – 5 skill bonuses
  • Legendary – 5 skill bonuses

Below we have summoned a guide that includes the legendary class mods of each character


Cosmic Stalker: FL4K’s Hunt Skill Power is increased by 25%.

Red text: Like a bird from the snare of the fowler…

Bounty Hunter: 3% to activate the purchased Hunt Kill Skill. Bosses are treated as regular enemies.

Red text: The world is made up of two classes — the hunters and the huntees.

DE4DEYE: FL4K and their pets deal +35% damage against enemies above 75% health.

Red text: Cut them down to size.

Friend-Bot: Pet damage increased by 20%. On enemy kill, their pet gains Second Wind.

Red text: Don’t worry, the dog lives.

Rakk Commander: Rakk Attack! gains 1 extra charge

Red text: Get ready to rakk.

Red Fang: While Gamma Burst is active, FL4K’s pet taunts all enemies

Red text: Mean and Green.


Dragon: Melee kill triggers Amara’s action skill augment.

Red text: Fatality.

Breaker: Up to 29% damage reduction while close to the enemy. The closer the enemy, the greater the reduction.

Red text: The closer we are to danger, the further we are from harm.

Elementalist: Phasegrasp applies Action Skill Element to nearby enemies.

Red text: Firmly grasp it.

Nimbus: First damage from Action Skill creates a cloud of Action Skill Element.

Red text: It’s a terrible day for rain.

Phasezerker: On action skill, gain max Rush stacks, but decay over time. A gain of 3% damage and 10% action skill cooldown rate based on the number of stacks.

Red text: I’m always angry.


Bear Trooper: Decreases fuel use of Iron Bear and increases the duration of action skill.

Red text: Rocket ’til the wheels fall off.

Blast Master: The longer Moze goes without reloading, the more splash damage she deals.

Red text: Slow and steady wins the arms race.

Bloodletter: If Moze is healed, she gains shields instead

Red text: Ideas are bulletproof.

Mind Sweeper: Critical hit has 25% chance to drop Micro grenade that explodes

Red text: Brain blast!

Rocketeer: Auto bear lasts remaining duration and also removes refunded cooldown.

Red text: Chew ’em up!


Cold Warrior: Random Status Effect applied to enemies Zane freezes.

Red text: A song of ice and radiation and acid and lightning and fire

Executor: Kill skill: On kill, Zane gains accuracy, handling, critical hit damage, status effect damage, and status effect chance.

Red text: Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Infiltrator: Weapon damage and movement speed are increased. Higher bonus with low shield and action skill activated when shield expended.

Red text: When the leaves hang trembling, the wind is passing through.

Shockerator: It creates Zane Digi-Clone, Binary System augment. Creates Shock Nova if the Clone gets meleed.

Red text: There’s a spark between us, can you feel it?

Techspert: Kill skill, +5% chance on kill to recharge SNTNL Cooldown and Duration.

Red text: If you love something, set it free.