Borderlands 3 Bosses Guide – How To Kill, Tips and Strategy

Borderlands 3 bosses list with tips and strategy on how to kill these bosses with recommended weapons, equipment and characters.

You have to fight a lot of bosses in Borderland 3 and in this guide, we will tell you the most efficient way to kill these bosses. You can fight in both solo and co-op, obviously co-op is easier, so we’ll only be telling you how to ace the boss fights in solo mode.

How To Kill Borderlands 3 Bosses

Before we get into how to kill these bosses, there are some things that you should know. Due to the ability of spawning Mech instantly, Moze is considered the most well-suited character to fight solo against bosses.

Her minigun can easily target the boss’s weak spots causing tons of damage while taking no damage herself. Just be sure to find cover before your Mech goes away and has to cooldown for a very long time.

Anyhow, every character works as long as you know what to do, which we will tell you in this Borderlands 3 bosses guide.

1. Shiv

You will be able to fight Shiv in the main mission called Children of the Vault. Shiv is an easy to kill boss and you don’t need to worry about this guy much as long as you are careful a little.

Basically, he is like a tutorial for your other boss fights. To defeat him, all you have to do is hit him a couple of times. Just be sure to go away when he attacks you with the underground shockwave. There will be barrels nearby which you can use to damage the boss by throwing them at him.

2. Mouthpiece

You get to fight Mouthpiece in “Cult Following” main mission. In order to kill Mouthpiece, there are two things you need to look out for when fighting Mouthpiece; first the minions he spawns and second is when he lights the floor or speakers are present all around, causing huge AOE damage.

When you see that the second one is about to happen, move away asap. You will know that he is about to use one of his speaker AOE attacks, when he takes laps in the center of the arena by walking. There is a possibility that:

  • One of the quarters of arena will explode by lighting up.
  • In some cases, only the middle will light up and
  • In the end he can make all four sides light up.

When the last possibility happens, get close to the boss in the middle as it is the only safe place. Also, you won’t be able to damage him when he does that attack as he becomes immune due to a shield that protects him.

His weak spot is his head and you have to look out for opportunities to hit him there. These opportunities are when he walks in circles or turns, so you can hit him from the back. Putting in points now:

  • Just keep killing the minion, leave 1 if you want to use 2nd wind.
  • Hit him on the head whenever you get a chance.
  • When he lights up the floor, move away.

If you want to make it easier for you to kill Mouthpiece, before you go into battle, do as much side quests as you can to bump up your level. It will make it easier to defeat him.

3. Gigamind

You will meet Gigamind in “Hostile Takeover”. This boss is a bit annoying as to damage him you have to get through his shield first. So, in order to hurt him you have to make his shield go away and don’t let him recharge it.

He recharges it by damaging you so yeah, just avoid that. You will have the company of a ninja (when fighting this boss) who will draw his attention while you attack his weak spot, which is his back marked by a red dot. It is best if you get a shotgun and blast his rear with it. Stay behind him as much as you can.

4. Captain Traunt

Captain Traunt presents himself in The Impending storm. Defeating this guy is not going to be easy as he is tanky with a lot health and has hard to take down shields.

He can hurt you with fire and ice elemental damage at every range and you have to bring his shields down to damage him which is very tricky to do.

In short, if you want to kill Captain Traunt:

  • You will have to output a lot of damage in order to make an impact.
  • Make sure you have a high enough level to be fighting this boss because if you don’t it would become extremely difficult for you.
  • His weak spot is the generator on his rear which you can shoot by circling around him or from over his shoulder.
  • Use a shotgun to attack him as this will cause the most damage even if it’s risky.
  • You can stun him by shooting a shotgun slug in his face but only for a moment. It is very useful when you feel he is powering up an attack.
  • As mentioned before, using a shotgun is risky so if you want to play it safe, you can shoot him from a distance using the covers around the map.
  • Don’t let him recover his shields. Once his shield is down, give it all you got to make his health bar empty. This can be done by using the best weapon you have and shooting at the generator on his back.
  • Use your active abilities once his shield is depleted to cause massive damage.
  • If you are still unable to defeat him, do side quests before fighting him again to level up. Once you get to level 15, it’ll be easier.

5. Katagawa Ball

Space-Laser tag is the mission where you will encounter Katagawa Ball. He is basically a large ball that can fly and has three health bars that you need to deplete.

The first one is the yellow bar which is the hardest to take down and it becomes more and more easier for the next two. You will have cover while fighting this ball, which can help you recover your shield and abilities.

It’s a battle of endurance and how well you can manage your ammo because you are going to need a lot of it. Use your active abilities well and stock up on ammo before heading into the fight.

There is a turbine which is a good hiding spot because the boss is unable to hit you there, you can find it on the left side of the room where the fight with the boss starts after falling out of the elevator. There will be some stairs and there is a turbine at their end.

All you need to do now is come out of cover and attack and then go back into cover to let your shield and abilities recharge. Keep repeating this at least until the first health bar. After that the boss will be harder to hit from one place as he will become faster and more agile.

At that time just run around the map and use different covers and attack him with weapons that have more damage per shot in order to reserve ammo. There are ammo boxes present in the arena but it’s best if you use the one you already have for the sake of efficiency.

The weapons that would work the best against Katagawa Bell are:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • MG
  • Assault Rifle
  • Pistol

I would suggest using a sniper to shoot that son of a ball in the eye.

6. Katagawa Jr. (Ninja)

Katagawa Jr. is the boss that you will encounter in “Atlas, At last”. Looking like the NPC “Zero”, this boss makes clones that you have to damage in order to deal permanent damage to the boss. These clones can both attack you from a distance i.e. rooftops using a sniper or at close range using a katana.

The clones with katanas will spawn after the boss throws a smoke at you. Run away from the smoke asap as your screen will get blurry if you don’t and keep both a close and long ranged weapon on hand for this boss.

A long-ranged weapon such as a sniper can be used to take out the clones on the rooftops and the close ranged weapons can be used to take out the clones with katanas. There are electric generators around, when the clones are near them just shoot these generators in order to give them a shock.

Movement is key to save yourself from the sniper clones as there is little to no cover in this fight. The clones are pretty easy to take down after you have depleted their shield.

There will be a final phase when the boss will have the last 5% of his health left when he will come at you with a series of melee attacks which can be dodged quite easily by jumping. When you deplete the last 5% of his health he will spawn in the center of the arena, there you can take the final shot.

7. The Rampager

The Rampager is found in the mission “Beneath the Meridian”. Although this boss only has a single health bar and not even a single shield but don’t underestimate him as he is going to give you the hardest time as compared to any other boss yet.

You will have to fight through 3 of his phases during each of which he learns new moves and deals different elemental damage. Covers are of no use either as he can make rocks rain from the ceiling above which can hit you even behind covers.

In fight also, movement is key, circle around him and keep shooting. When your shield is low, run away. Jumping will also be helpful to avoid damage caused by the projectiles thrown at you.

During the third phase, try to keep your distance as the boss is going to get jumpy so just keep a good long ranged weapon at hand.

8. Warden

Warden is found during “Hammerlocked” mission. With two health bars, this boss is also not going to be easy to defeat. The first health bar can be taken down using the green element’s corrosive damage.

Use cover whenever he spawns rockets or laser or any other super move, because it is useless to attack him when he does that as he is immune to damage then, and those rockets are extremely deadly.

Focus on the minions he spawns throughout the fight first and then focus on the boss. Another strategy to deal with this boss can be to circle around him and focusing your firepower and then when he is using his super moves, you can focus on the minions.

The warden will start jumping around instead of using the rockets or lasers after you deplete his yellow bar. Shoot his head for maximum damage and keep moving around to avoid being jumped on by him.

He can regenerate his red bar so don’t give him a chance to do so by constantly damaging him. He is going to heal himself when there is a golden glow on the floor, when he does that it’s your clue to attack him with your active skill. Close-mid range weapons are best for the battle against this boss.

9. Killavolt

He is a side mission boss found in “Kill Killavolt”. You can accept this side quest from Moxxi in Sanctuary. Level 20 is the minimum requirement for this boss. It is tricky one to defeat but not impossible.

He can light up the floor with electricity covering the entire arena. The only safe place then is near the boss. The best character to be used for this fight is Moze cause of his ability “Vladof Ingenuity” which grants him with 47% shock damage resistance and most of the damage dealt by this boss is shock damage.

As with the case of every man the weak points of this boss are his genitals and the power core of his back. There will be no enemies present for you to kill when he lights up the floor so be sure that you can get by without the use of second wind.

Jumping will help you to avoid the shock damage from the floor. Any weapon with good damage will be sufficient to defeat this boss, however Moze is the best option to defeat him.

10. Billy, The Anointed

You will battle Billy in the main Mission “The Guns of Reliance”. In spite of having no health bar or shields, this boss can still take a lot of damage. He just has a health bar like a normal enemy on top of his head, how humble of him.

The skull is his weak spot. You don’t need to run around to defeat this boss, cause if you do, there are chances that you could get shot by other mobs. Just go towards the backstage, Billy will spawn on the stage and you can use a shotgun to take him down.

Be sure to keep note of his attack patterns. These will stay the same throughout the fight so it’s pretty easy to counter. For example:

  • He sends a shockwave your way when he claps which you have to jump over in order to avoid a lot of damage.
  • Burning skulls is his second move which target you aggressively. He will hold his head down a bit and use his hands to pull his skull before doing this attack.
  • You need to shoot them to avoid damage.
  • He also jumps and throws a purple ball your way which by jumping sideways can easily be dodged.

Jump button is your best friend during this fight. Jump as much as you can to avoid damage and use the shotgun to deal damage. Aim at his skull and stay backstage.

There are three more bosses that you are going to fight which we will add later on in this guide. If there is any ambiguity, let us know. We hope you have fun playing.

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