Borderlands 3 Anointed Weapons and Gear Guide

In our Borderlands 3 Anointed Weapons and Gear Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about farming Anointed Equipment in BL3.

Well, we have all the weapons and perks from previous installments and as they were already great, Borderlands 3 added another perk for weapons and gears to the game. This new perk is named as Anointed weapons. It is a total random perk that is classified to different weapons by the game engine and here we will explain how it works and where you can find it.

Borderlands 3 Anointed Weapons

In Borderlands 3, anointed weapons and gears are not specifically a type of rarity but they can be found on rare items too. But they work more closely like Luneshine in Borderlands. Like them you can get those perks in rare ties like legendary, purple, blue, etc.

Keep in mind that Anointed weapons do reflect the Vault Hunter’s class and abilities. Like this weapon will give your hunter’s ability a buff and you will be able to give extra damage to bosses and badass enemies. It will also buff up the abilities like Corrosive or any type of damage and will double it down for a time interval.

Now these weapons will also buff up your Borderlands 3 classes as mentioned above so you can be sure that these weapons are going to be a crucial part if you’re eying on perfecting your Borderlands 3. It will be written on the description of weapon in YELLOW color when it is anointed.

A weapon can be anointed with some specific class and it will be mentioned on it. But not all of them are class specific so you will be able to find some anointed weapons and their description will only have written anointed and nothing else. These weapons will give buff to any active skill of the character.

Now keep in mind that just like anointed weapons and gears, there are also anointed enemies in the game. These are kind of super soldiers with some special buffs in a particular class.

How to Get Anointed Weapons and Gear
The first and easiest way of getting these anointed weapons is through the famous Crazy Earl’s vending machine in Sanctuary. This will cost you Eridium but as the weapons we usually get from Crazy Earl are high tier and best, that’s why it is going to be a little costly. You can get these anointed weapon in any rarity tier.

You need to be very careful when you purchase weapons from Crazy Earl through Eridium. There is another way to find Anointed guns and gear in Borderlands 3 and that is through Endgame modes. In this Endgame content you will be able to get anointed weapons and gear through a chest during Proving games, Mayhem-Mode, and Circle of Slaughter. These weapons and gears will help you for the final boss.