Bloodborne Darkbeast Paarl Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

In case you discover the area called Hypogean Gaol under the Yahar’Gul Chapel, you can take on an optional boss called Darkbeast Paarl.

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Bloodborne Darkbeast Paarl Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

This boss is located inside the cave behind the prison and defeating him rewards your character with Spark Hunter Badge and Darkbeast Paarl Trophy.

You may have encountered Darkbeast Paarl at the very start of Bloodborne after dying from a specter. I highly recommend leveling your character and weapon up a little before taking on this boss – doing so early on is pretty hard.

There is absolutely nothing fearful about Paarl. Once the boss battle starts, keep an eye out on a couple of claw attacks which you can easily dodge by moving in any direction.

Although you can easily evade Paarl’s attack by moving in any direction, I recommend dodging under him to get directly behind him.


One important thing to bear in mind is that you must stun Paarl before attacking him for the maximum damage output. In case you do not stun him, you will have to suffice with attacking his limbs and drag the fight a little longer.

Almost near 50 per cent of his HP, Paarl acquires Lightning Damage to all his attacks and also starts throwing lightning bolts at medium-to-long range. The bolts are easily avoidable and you can also close in the gap to restrain Paarl from tossing them altogether.

All you need to do is to find an attacking window for your character among Paarl’s attack and you should defeat him in no time.

After you have defeated Darkbeast Paarl, grab the Spark Hunter Badge and open up new handy shortcut leading to Old Yharnam.

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