Bloodborne Rom the Vacuous Spider Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

You can encounter Rom, the Vacuous Spider in the Moonside Lake beneath the Byrgenwerth Balcony. You acquire 12x Kin Coldblood and ‘Rom, the Vacuous Spider’ Trophy.

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Bloodborne Rom the Vacuous Spider Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Here is everything you need to know about Rom, the Vacuous Spider and how to defeat this large spider:

The large spider itself is not much trouble, but it summons a small battalion of minion-spiders which are quite frustrating. Remember that most attack from the small spiders and Rom itself are frontal.

Once the boss battle begins, wade in and kill the small spiders that surround Rom. You should not try and kill the minion-spiders head on. Instead, move to the side and aim at their abdominal cavity for the best damage output.

Once you are done with its minions, walk towards Rom and once again aim at its abdominal cavity.

You can also hit it from the front side, but you will not deal any considerable damage. Near the start, you do not have any lethal attacks from Rom to worry about – try and deal as much damage as possible.

After dealing enough damage, Rom will shift to another portion of the Moonside Lake, but you need to keep up with the attacks as mentioned above. Beware! Rom acquires a handful of new attacks at later stage of the battle.

If you are at some distance from him, he will fire a barrage of crystals that deal significant damage. However, you can either dodge or back away to stay protected from its effects. In addition to this, you can also close the gap and negate the ability once and for all!

Once you close the gap, mind the blue area around Rom; especially when he rolls to change its side. Later in the battle, you will once again deal with the minion-spiders. Just stick to the strategy above, grab the Kin Coldblood and continue with your journey ahead.

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