Bloodborne Shadow of Yharnam Boss Guide – How to Kill, Tips and Strategy

You come across Shadow of Yharnam on your way from the Forbidden Woods to Byregenwerth. After completing this boss battle, you will acquire a Blood Rapture and ‘Shadow of Yharnam’ Trophy.

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Bloodborne Shadow of Yharnam Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

Here is everything you need to know about Shadow of Yharnam and how to defeat them:

No, it is not a typo!

Shadow of Yharnam is actually a trio of guardians, each with his unique attack pattern, weapons, and HP bar. And unlike The Witch of Hemwick, all three variants of the boss appear at the same time.

Coming to their weapons and attack patterns; one shadow is equipped with a large sword and wades in close in order to attack (melee charger), one shadow is a sorcerer who stays at a long range and sets the whole afire by casting large trio of fireballs, and the last shadow is a mid-ranged fighter who is equipped with a katana and another weapon which emits fire.


The best way to defeat the Shadow of Yharnam is to focus on one shadow at a time and avoid being surrounded. Most of you will probably go with the melee fighter since he will charge at your character as soon as the battle starts.

After you kill one of the three shadows or deal some serious damage to them, a large snake will erupt out of the land from time to time. This snake can not only bite your character for some serious damage, but also powers up the remaining or all three shadows.

The said snake grants fire-damage to melee and mid-ranged shadows and the sorcerer acquires a summoning spell. During the battle, keep a watchful eye for a magic cloud which summons a trio of deadly snakes out of the land.

There are no exceptionally unique attacks that you should be aware of! A few whips and slashes here and there which you can avoid with relative ease. Like I mentioned earlier, do not get surrounded and keep your focus on one shadow at a time to win this battle and acquire a Blood Rapture.

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