Black Ops 4 Zombies Blood of the Dead Easter Egg Guide

Blood of the Dead takes place in a remastered version of the Alcatraz Prison with a larger area for you to use. The Easter Egg is always something that is difficult yet very rewarding to achieve so this Black Ops 4 Zombies Blood of the Dead Easter Egg Guide will walk you through completing it.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Blood of the Dead Easter Egg

Due to the larger size of the map, there are new features in it such as fast-travel tunnels as well as a new Pack-a-Punch machine to replace the old one near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The majority of the area in the map is still similar to the last one so older players should find themselves right at home.

Turning on the Power

You need to turn on the power before you do anything else. There are 2 different switches in total in the new map which are on opposite sides of the map. The first one is found on the west side of the map inside of the Power House building.

The building is available to you early on and you will not run into any problems finding it. The second switch is in Building 64 that comes on much later in the map. The best way to get there is through the Citadel Tunnel and China Alley.

Building the Shield

You need to use a Buildable Shield in order to absorb the energy and use it at the Switch Box to activate it. You should build this shield as early as you can and then focus on the Blundergat.

You need to use a Buildable Shield in order to absorb the energy and use it at the Switch Box to activate it. In order to build a shield, you will need 3 parts.

Shield Part
The first part is the shield itself. It looks like a metal door, so it is pretty easy to spot. You can find the first part in the Citadel Tunnels.

If you move through the tunnels and into the China Alley, you will find the first part laying around. If not, just walk through the area and you will find the shield part up to the staircase.

Epheral Essence
The second part is the Epheral Essence. You can find it in three different spots.

The first spot can be the electricity box when you move from the D-Block area to the Library. The gate that connects both rooms may have the box that contains the Epheral Essence. If it is not there, move through the cafeteria, into the Times Square and you will find a box there.

If it’s glowing blue, the box contains the essence. Finally, make your way to the warden’s office, in the Michigan Avenue and you might find the box with essence in there, right next to the closed-off stairs.

Warden’s Key
The third part is the Warden’s Key. You can find the key from the first boss that you will have to defeat. Defeat him and he will drop the Warden’s Key. Pick it up.

After picking up all 3 parts, head to the Buildable Bench and build the shield.

Activating the Pack-a-Punch

Now that you have the Shield and the Warden’s Key, it is time for you to activate your first Pack-A-Punch. Do note that the Pack-A-Punch will disappear from its location during the Easter Egg.

However, fret not, we will list down one of the several locations the Pack-A-Punch can spawn in.

Head to the Roof
From the buildable bench on the Docks, head through the Docks Bridge and use the Gondola. Follow the path to the Infirmary and then head for the Roof. Beware the zombies.

Once you enter the roof, you will see the huge sign ‘No one Escapes’. Besides the No One Escapes sign, you will see a voltmeter.

Tase your Zombie Friends
Take out your newly built shield and Warden’s Key. Zap at least three zombies on the roof through the Warden’s Key – yes, it shoots out electricity. After finally zapping three enemies to death, face the voltmeter and use ‘Spirit Blast’.

Wait several seconds and the Pack-A-Punch will appear beneath the ‘No one Escapes’ sign.

If Pack-A-Punch disappears
If the Pack-A-Punch disappears, you can find it in one of the 3 possible locations: On the roof, by the Dock’s Power Switch, or by the spawn Power Switch.

Hell’s Retriever

You now need to find the Hell’s Retriever first. Hell’s Retriever is capable of retrieving weapons from outside the map. You can find the next weapon ‘Blundergat’ using the Hell’s Retriever.

The actual process for finding Hell’s Retriever is not that difficult from how it was originally in The Mob of The Dead. In the original game, you had to find different dog heads or Cerberus Heads as they were called and then feed them.

After that, you could collect the weapon from a hidden chamber. The process is the same for the most part but the location of all of the parts is different.

Summon the Cerberus
Regarding the process, you just need to execute some zombies, a total of ten, near the three Cerberus Heads. Look for the dog marks on the wall and kill a zombie to make the dog appear. Wait for the last zombie to be eaten before you kill another one so that the dog can feed on their souls.

Feed the First Head
The first dog is found at the start of the game near the spawn room. Go upstairs from Richtofen’s Lab and enter the New Industries room. The head is in the corner adjacent to a wooden desk.

Feed the Second Head
The second dog head is at the same location that it was in the original Mob of the Dead map. It is upstairs in the center of the prison, right in between the two wings. Get to it by the Cell Block on the 2nd floor, passing through the catwalk and through the C-D street.

Feed the Third Head
The third and final dog head is in the Eagle Plaza, on the wall as you leave the Warden’s Room. You need to go through the Administration and then into the room before leaving it for the Eagle Plaza.

Collect Reward
In order to collect your reward, head to the Citadel area; this can be accessed through the showers in the main prison area. There are 3 dog heads on the wall but those are not your concern.

There is a tunnel underneath which you need to use to pick up the weapon. This is identifiable through the entrance on the floor of the room where there are lava pools underneath the gates.

You need to pay the price of 500 points to access it. Once you have used the tunnel, you need to be ready for the item and interact with it at the right time to collect it.

Finding and Upgrading the Blundergat to Magmagat

Once you have got Hell’s Retriever, you need to find five blue skulls and retrieve them using the Hell’s Retriever.

Finding the First Skull
The first skull can be found in the West Grounds. Head towards the West Grounds and you will see some stairs that are unreachable. Hold out your shield and focus.

You will see a blue skull for some seconds. Use the Hell’s Retriever on that location and you will pick up the first skull.

Finding the Second Skull
The second skull can be found in the original Mob of the Dead spawn point. Make your way to the C-D Street and towards the point where you fed the dog for Hell’s Retriever.

Focus with your shield and you will see a blue skull for some seconds. Use the Hell’s Retriever on that location and you will pick up this skull.

Finding the Third Skull
The third skull will be visible near the Pack-A-Punch location on the Roof, above the Infirmary. Head to the rooftop through the infirmary and to the right of the Pack-A-Punch will be a bridge.

Between the bridge and the Pack-A-Punch, the blue skull can be found if you use the shield. You will see a blue skull for some seconds. Use the Hell’s Retriever on that location and you will pick up the first skull.

Finding the Fourth Skull
The fourth skull can be found in the docks. Head to the docks and you will find the skull sitting on the third pylon on the left. Use the shield and you will see a blue skull for some seconds. Use the Hell’s Retriever on that location and you will pick up the first skull.

Finding the Fifth Skull… And Blundergat
The fifth skull can be found right next to the Blundergat’s spawn location. Head to the Warden’s Office. The location of this skull is the same as in the original version of the map. Peek through the window and onto the Pole.

Use the shield and you will see a blue skull for some seconds. Use the Hell’s Retriever on that location and you will pick up the first skull. Afterward, you will find the Blundergat in the Warden’s Office.

There is a chimney along with the fireplace where you need to place the Blundergat.

Upgrading the Blundergat

In order to upgrade the Blundergat into the Magmagat, you will need to sacrifice zombies’ souls to hell until Satan endows his blue flames into the Magmagat.

After that, you need to collect souls. It should be obvious to returning players on what they need to do. Simply kill zombies and collect the blue orbs. Eventually, the skulls on top of the fireplace will turn blue.

Do note that you will have to stay in the building if you want to collect the essence. The essence won’t be collected if you get out of the building. Once all 3 of them are blue, you need to collect the ‘Tempered Magmagat’ weapon from the chimney.

Once all 3 of them are blue, you need to collect the ‘Tempered Magmagat’ weapon from the chimney.

Now, you need to cool the weapon in the barrels which have the blue fire inside them. The fire can be found beside the entrance to the Warden’s Office. Follow this trail to the New Industries building.

There will be lots of blue fires along the way where you need to cool down your weapon. Once you are at the end, place the weapon at the Yellow table for a few seconds and then collect it as a Magmagat.

The Spoon

Next up, you need to find the Spoon. Get to the Warden’s Office and then go to the pillars. Here, use the Spectral Shield to see the numbers on the pillars and take a note of them. Then, go to the bottom of the Citadel tunnels through the Spiral Staircase and use the Warden’s key on the locked cabinet.

Here, you need to enter a 3 digit sequence and the elevator will activate to take you down to the water below. Here, get to the dock and use your charged shield to activate the meter ahead of you. When you do this, the crane will pick something up from the water. Here, you can use your Hell’s Retriever to get the spoon from the box.

Upgrading to Golden Spork

Take your spoon to the Infirmary and place it inside of a bloodstained bathtub. Here, you need to go to the roof and then kill zombies using either the Magmagat or the Acid Gat. The blood will then fill the bathtub which you can drain when it is full.

After that, get to the Catwalk. On the Catwalk, get to the first platform from the West Grounds and then throw your Hell’s Retriever at the base of the tower to the left side.

Finding the Hell’s Redeemer

Now, you need to get the Hell’s Redeemer. It can be found through 6 locations where blue dog heads are. Throw the retriever to see if the dog turns blue. If it does, then you need to kill zombies around it and then throw the retriever at the head.

Do this for all 6 of the heads. 2 of these heads can be found in the upstairs of Citadel, 2 of them near the bridge area in the Recreational Yard and 2 of them in the Eagle Plaza.

Shock and Denial

After successfully unlocking the Hell’s Redeemer, you will still have the access to the Golden Spork. Our objective here will be to head to a secret ritual chamber. Do note that you need to be at least in Round 17 before continuing.

Head to the Warden’s House
Head to the Warden’s House. Upon entering it, take the stairs that lead to a dead end. The wall you see opposite to the Titan wall buy can be scratched using your Golden Spork.

You too, Brutus
Brutus spawns randomly on the map. This is why you need to be at least in Round 17 before continuing. As soon as Brutus spawns, follow the next steps.

Tempt the Brutus zombie until he does a slam attack. Stay beside the wall all the way. Get out of the way when he approaches you and he should slam right through the wall.

Warden’s Ritual Chamber
Defeat Brutus. Pull the lever in this room to reveal a secret room inside. Enter this room to find out that the room you just entered is the ‘Warden’s Ritual Chamber’. Interact with the red bulb on the table and your next objective will be revealed.

Pain and Guilt

After finding out the secrets of the Warden, it is time to follow the bird ghost and find out what secrets it will reveal to you.

Head into Richtofen’s Lab and you will see a map on one of the walls. Insert the red bulb you found in the previous objective here.

Interact with the Kronorium, present in the same room and a bluebird can be seen flying away. Now several bluebirds have spawned on the map.

Blue Bird Season
Your next objective will be to find the Bluebirds and shoot ‘em up with your shield. Listen carefully for bird chirps in each room. Enter the room where the chirping is the closest and use your shield to find it. Shoot it with your shield.

There will be four birds. You can shoot three of them with your shields but the fourth one requires special care.

Special Blue Birdy
The fourth blue bird can be seen near the Dock/Citadel. You can get Zombie Blood from the Citadel Tunnels by entering the code ‘872’.

Use the zombie blood near the birdy when you hear the warden start crying or laughing. Afterward, shoot it up with your Hell’s Retriever.

Kronorium Book
The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? After successfully murdering four beautiful bluebirds, you will find a Kronorium book in your inventory. Head to the Warden’s Ritual Chambers again and place the book onto the electric chair.

Use the Shield
Use the Spectral Shield and aim towards the electric chair. You will see three numbers on the Warden’s hand, whose body is sitting on the electric chair. Note them down.

Head back down towards the Citadel Tunnels and enter the code into the panel. Your next objective will be revealed.

Anger and Bargaining

Your job now will be to find several portals and clear them.

Follow the Lighthouse’s light and you will notice that it is pointing towards a specific area on the map. Head to that location.

You will see a red + blue portal. Use Shield Blast. The portal will become visible even without the spectral vision you get with your shield.

Locations and Challenges of the Portal

The portal can appear in any of the five locations. If you reach any of the locations, you will have to do a challenge in the area before you can proceed. After finishing a challenge, the portal of that area will light up and connect to the lighthouse.

A little red dot will appear under each successfully-done-challenge’s portal. You can pick it up. The challenges are:

Take the banjo from the banjo-playing ghost. He will be right next to the portal of the area. Kill the zombies inside the lit-up ring-of-fire circle. Be careful though, the ring will move its location and you must stay inside the ring all the time.

After killing everyone, give the banjo back to the ghost. The banjo-holding player must not die.

Once the circle finishes, give the banjo back to the Zombie and gather the red stone which will appear on the ground, next to the Zombie.

Head to the Warden’s office, and interact with the lever near the Acid Gat kit part. You will be given a Morse code by a light blinking at the docks, right next to the portal. Note it. You will have to put the Morse Code properly.

If you put the wrong option, you will hear Brutus laughing. This means you have failed. You will have to start over. If you are able to this correctly, a ghost ship will appear navigating in circles around the island.

Look towards this ghost ship with spectral vision. The trial won’t move forward until you do so. Kill a zombie near the medical table there, and watch in spectral vision as in converts into a ghost. Use Shield Blast on it.

Kill zombies near this ghost to feed it souls. After the ghost has been charged with enough souls, it will start moving towards the ghost ship. Escort it towards the boat and you will obtain another red orb.

Cell Blocks / Michigan Avenue
Head towards the Cell Blocks and activate the challenge. Then head to the Cafeteria and shield blast the ghost to wake it up. Escort it to the portal and defend him from attacks.

If the ghost takes damage, he begins turning red. If the ghost gets fully red, he will disappear and the trial will fail.

Power Room
Activate the portal and use spectral vision to see the ghost that is using the levers on the logic gate, where the logic gate symbols are. Shield blast it. To the east side of the Power Room, you will see a sparking generator.

Interact with it and the game should go colorless. You will play a game of ‘Simon Says’ with the panels. You will know you are done when all of them blink and the colors come back in the room. You need to repeat this 5 times.

After doing it for the fifth time, you will see 3 of the machines light up. Note the logic gate symbols on the machines. Grab the card that is present on the shelf and head to the room upstairs. Place this card into the Gorod Krovi computer.

The monitors will light up and a symbol will appear on each one of them. There will be 2 symbols of each type. You must match the symbols from the previous room onto this one.

Once matched, head to the spawn power room and you will see that the ghost is trying to pull levels. Shield blast it when you see the ghost pulling the lever that corresponds to one of your symbols.

Repeat it 3 times and a red orb will spawn in front of the last lever you shield blasted.

New Industries
Head towards the first doggie head and shock the portal near it. Then head to the prison and look around for a ghost using spectral vision. Shield blast it to wake him up. He will pick up an apparently “dangerous weapon”.

If you follow him into the New Industries, he will kill another ghost, ultimately resulting in the failure of the trial. What you need to do is zap this poor boi with your Warden key until he turns corporeal. Kill him with the trap.

Another Journey Begins…

Upon completing all the 5 challenges of the portal given above, head to Richtofen’s Laboratory room. You will see a map. Place the red orbs there.

Summoning Key
After successfully placing all the red orbs on the map, head to the Warden’s Ritual Room (the secret room) and stand near the Warden’s corpse on the electric chair.

Some kind of energy will start flowing from each player to the corpse, resulting in a Summoning Key appearing above the Kronorium. A cutscene will immediately follow, and you will be stuck in a cell afterward.

Blue Bird Makes a Comeback

Remember the blue bird you shot the crap out of? Well, it’s back and this time: to save you. The bird will set you free from the cells.

Equip a Spectral Shield and retrieve all your weapons from the bag by interacting with it. The bird will begin flying back to Richtofen’s Laboratory.

Sal, Fin, and Weasel
Follow it! As you enter the laboratory, you will see the ghosts of Sal, Finn, and Weasel fighting the Warden. The warden will eventually spirit away, leaving an orb behind. Pick this orb up and put it on the map in the room.

Cryostasis Chamber
Incidentally, the map will begin to burn, revealing a Cryostasis Chamber room. The room was originally sealed in this lab but this event will unlock it. Head to the top of the stairs and towards the dimmed lights.

As you move towards the dimmed lights, they begin brightening. Open the door you see in front of you and it is time to enter the boss fight.

The Warden

The Warden is the final boss of this Easter Egg. You must defeat Zombies in the area until he arrives to take you on himself.

Stay in the red areas of the map while shooting at the orbs. After you’ve brought down the orbs, Sprit Blast the Warden and the orbs placed on the top of the machine located in the middle.

Repeat the step for 3 times. Richtofen will have to activate the machine to get in it. Get Richtofen to stand with the rest of the team in the boss area.

Good luck with the Warden, he is a tough fellow.

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