Blood Of The Dead Easter Egg: Black Ops 4 Zombies

The Warden awaits you at the end.

Blood of the Dead has one of the longest Easter Eggs to complete in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies. Unlike the previous maps, you now have a lot more locations to discover, puzzles to solve, and do all sorts of activities before facing off the final boss.

You will need to spend a lot of time in the game, preferably with a whole team to make some steps easier to complete. Remember that Blood of the Dead is made up of several mini Easter Eggs, which is what makes this a quite tedious challenge to complete in BO4 Zombies. And as you might already know, Blood of the dead is basically the remake of the old Mob of the Dead map that got featured in Black Ops 2.

Step #1: Turn on the power

Just like any other zombie map in BO4, turning on the power should be one of the starting tasks players should go for. To turn on the power, simply travel to the Powerhouse warehouse in the western corner of the map, right next to the prison, to find the first light switch.

Once the first switch has been turned on, head over to the other side of the map to building 64, which is adjacent to the China Alley.

Once the power is turned on, a warden zombie will spawn, kill the zombie, and make sure to pick up the key he drops as it’ll come in handy to find one of the Easter Eggs in Blood of the Dead.

Step #2: Build the Shield

The shield can be considered an integral part of BO4 zombies as it helps in unlocking the Pack-A-Punch. Just like building shields in other maps, players will be required to find three parts scattered around the map.

The first part of the shield can be found in the Citadel towers. The part itself looks like a shield and is placed near the staircase. Use the tunnels in China Alley to easily locate it.

The second part is the Epheral Essence, which can be found in one of the three locations around the map. The first spot can be the electricity box when you move from the D-Block area to the Library. The gate that connects both rooms may have the box that contains the Epheral Essence. If it is not there, move through the cafeteria into Times Square, and you will find a box there.

If it’s glowing blue, the box contains the essence. Finally, make your way to the Warden’s office in Michigan Avenue, and you’ll find the box with essence in there, right next to the closed-off stairs.

Once all three parts are collected, head on over to any of the workbenches near you to craft the shield and protect your behind from the daunting zombies.

Step #3: Upgrade to the Spectral Shield

The regular shield can help players defend their backs, but to progress further with the Easter Eggs in BO4 zombies, you’ll be required to get the Spectral Shield.

To get the Spectral Shield, simply make your way to the mystery box and keep on buying guns until a lock appears. When the lock appears, take out the Warden’s Key and zap at the lock, which shines blue. Throw a Hell’s Retriever at the lock to get a hold of the Spectral Shield.

Step #4: Activate the Pack-a-Punch Machine

Remember the Warden’s key and the shield we just created, well it’s time to put them to good use and create the Pack-A-Punch machine in zombies.

From the buildable bench on the Docks, travel to the Docks bridge and use the Gondola to reach the Infirmary. Once at the Infirmary, travel to the roof and spot the huge sign that reads ‘No One Escapes’.

Right next to the sign will be a Voltmeter that’ll require the demise of three zombies using the Warden’s key. Equip the Warden’s key and zap three zombies and once that’s done, use the shield’s Spirit Blast at the voltmeter. After a few seconds, the Pack-A-Punch machine will appear in front of you.


The PaP machine will disappear after a while and spawn at the three locations. It could spawn on the roof of the Infirmary, next to the Dock’s power switch or the spawn power switch.

Step #5: Build the Hell’s Retriever

The Hell’s Retriever is one of the best Easter Egg weapons you can craft in the Blood of the Dead Zombies map. The weapon itself is a throwing axe that performs a chained attack on multiple zombies per throw. It doesn’t end there; the weapon also retrieves special weapons and powers up for you without you interacting with them, and there’s an infinite number of axes you can equip.

The actual process for finding Hell’s Retriever is not as difficult as how it was originally in The Mob of The Dead. In the original game, you had to find different dog heads or Cerberus Heads as they were called, and then feed them.

After feeding the dogs, all that’s left to do is collect the weapon and begin massacring zombies. This is also quite similar to feeding the dragons in the Der Eisendrache map in Black Ops 3.

There are three dog heads scattered around the map. To find the first one simply head on over to Richtofen’s lab on the northern section of the spawn area and kill a zombie near the stoned head to activate it. You’ll then be required to kill about 10 zombies in total but wait till the dog has digested the first before you bring him the next one.

The second dog head is in the Alcatraz prison on the second floor between the two wings. Repeat the process of killing a zombie to make the dog head alive and feed him zombies till he’s full.

The last dog head is in the Eagle Plaza, which is situated in the Warden’s Room. Use the Administration room, reach the Warden’s Room, and begin the process.

Once all three dogs are fed, head on over to the Citadel area through the showers and take the tunnel underneath that’ll launch you across a cave with molten lava. The Hell’s Retriever will be in the center. Time your jump perfectly and interact with it at the right time to complete the Easter Egg in BO4.

Step #6: Upgrade to Hell’s Redeemer

The Hell’s Retriever can also be upgraded to become a stronger throwing axe known as the Hell’s Redeemer. To do this you must head onto into the narrow alley of the Recreational area and kill a bunch of zombies until you hear a wolf’s howling noise.


Equip a few perks and bring the shield with you while killing zombies in the Recreational area, and only use the Hell’s Retriever to hear the wolf’s howling noise.

Once the voice starts, simply use the shield’s spectral vision and locate a dog’s mark on the outer walls of the Recreational yard. If they don’t spawn there, head inside the Citadel to spot them underneath the red glowing dog sign or next to the hanging dead body in one of the prison cells.

After spotting the blue dog sign, throw a Hell’s Retriever at the sign, and your axe will be taken from you. The next task is to head inside the Warden’s Office and begin a dog round. Use the Warden Keys to kill the dogs and once the round ends, use the shield’s Spectral vision to spot a ghost dog roaming around the room.

Kill the ghost using the shield and then repeat the same process as you did to retrieve the Hell’s Retriever by taking the tunnels underneath the Citadel to jump across the molten lava. The Hell’s Redeemer will be placed in the same location.

Step #7: Find the Blundergat

The Blundergat is an amazing sub-tier wonder weapon that was introduced in Black Ops 2. Well, now it’s back, and the process of collecting it remains the same.

To acquire the Bludergat, players must look for five invisible skulls and collect them using the Hell’s Retriever in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies.

A few things to note here are that the skulls are invisible until you equip the shield to spot them, and secondly, they’re located in unreachable areas. To acquire them, you must have unlocked the Hell’s Retriever.

To find the first skull, make your way to the West Grounds and equip the shield. Aim the shield at the locked staircase to see a blue skull shining. Throw a Hell’s Retriever at the invisible skull to acquire it.

The second skull is placed near the C-D street where you fed one of the dogs for the Easter Egg to spot the skull right below the fed dog. Simply throw a Hell’s Retriever to acquire it.

The third skull is placed on the bridge of the Infirmary’s rooftop, where you find the Pack-A-Punch machine. Use the shield to spot the skull and use the HR to attain the third skull.

For the fourth skull, travel to the docks area and stare at one of the wooden pillars planted in the sea, the third pillar to be precise to spot the item. Use the shield for a better view.

Lastly, the fifth skull is the easiest to find. Simply look above the pole that is directly planted outside of the entrance door for the Warden’s Office. Equip the shield and look at the small electric panel on the pole to spot the skull.

Now all that’s left is to head inside the Warden’s Office to retrieve the Blundergat from the table.

Step #8: Upgrade to the Magmagat

If the regular Blundergat isn’t doing much damage against the zombies, there’s an Easter Egg you can do to upgrade it to the Magmagat in Blood of the Dead. To begin the upgrade, simply head inside the Warden’s house and place the weapon inside of the fireplace. Once the weapon is deposited, kill zombies and collect the blue essences they drop.

You’ll have to collect a bunch of essences until the three skulls on the fireplace blow out a blue flame. Once all three skulls are lit, your Tempered Blundergat will be ready.

The next step is to head back into the spawn area and place the weapon inside the machine located in the New Industries Building. However, do keep in mind the Magmagat’s power will reduce if it isn’t restored using the barrels of blue flames around the map.

Once the weapon is placed inside the machine, two souls will pop out and your Magmagat will be ready.


If you leave the house at any point during the procedure, you’ll lose the Magmahat as well as the Blundergat.

Step #9: Find the Spoon

The Spoon is a quirky little melee weapon that players can find by completing a small Easter Egg in the game. To find the spoon, players must have the Hell’s Retriever as well as the shield crafted.

Once that’s done, head on over to the Warden’s Office and use the Spectral Shield to spot a three-digit code written on the pillars highlighted in blue.


The codes will be different every time so make sure to remember them properly.

Memorize the code and head inside the Citadel tunnels spiral staircase. In the staircase, you’ll find a locked cabinet which can be unlocked by collecting the Warden’s Key. Once the cabinet opens, insert the three-digit code to watch the elevator fall to the ground.

The next step is to head to the docks area where you found one of the skulls for the Hell’s Retriever and stand in front of the Voltmeter on the corner of the docks. Use the charged shield to zap the voltmeter to watch a crane pull a bag above you.

Charge one of the Hell’s Retrievers and throw it at the spoon dangling at the corner of the bag to drop it to the ground.  Now all that’s left is to pick it up and start spooning zombies one by one.


All of your teammates can get the spoon. Simply head back to the docks to find the spoon on the ground.

Step #10: Upgrade to the Golden Fork

If you’re more of a noodles guy you can use the regular spoon to upgrade the melee weapon to a golden fork which does incredible damage against zombies.

To upgrade the spoon, simply travel to the rooftop area of the prison, and before heading onto the staircase, turn left from the staircase to reach an abandoned room with a bathtub. Press square to drop the spoon into the bathtub and travel to the rooftop.

While on the rooftop start killing zombies with the Blundergat or Acid gat until the bathtub fills with water. Once the tub is full press square to drain the water and travel to the Catwalk to progress further with this Easter Egg in Blood of the Dead.

At the end of the catwalk, you’ll spot a water tower that is leaking blood. Simply charge a Hell’s Retriever and throw it at the red wheel underneath the water tower to acquire the Golden fork in BO4 Zombies.


Only one person from your team can get the Golden Fork. Other team members will be required to do this process separately to acquire the Golden Fork.

Step #11: Shock and Denial

Once all of your buildables are complete, it is time to head onto the final Easter Egg of the game which will be to find and kill the Warden. However, this won’t be an easy ride because players will be required to do a bunch of tedious tasks to battle the Warden in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

To begin the Easter Egg, make sure you’re on round 17 to make a Brutus spawn to lore him inside the Warden’s house. Before the Brutus spawns, use the fork and hit the Titan wallbuy above the staircase in Warden’s house to activate the quest.

When Brutus spawns, take him up the staircase and make him slam the ground to reveal a hidden room right where the Titan wallbuy used to be. This will reveal a hidden room with a corpse sitting on the electric chair. Approach the red bulb and hold the square to make the corpse disappear. Doing this will mark one part of the final Easter Egg complete.

Your next step would be to head inside Richtofen’s lab in the spawn area place the red bulb you acquired on the map hung on the wall then interact with the kronorium. This will cause a small animation to play, and a blue bird will fly out, revealing your next objective.

Step #12: Pain and Guilt

The next part of the Easter Egg is to find four bluebirds and use the shield to blast them away. Three out of the four can be blasted away with the shield, but the fourth one requires a bit more.

The birds will spawn in random locations, so it’s quite hard to pinpoint an exact location, but they all spawn in the areas of the Citadel or the spawn area and are quite easy to spot due to their bright blue color. Use the shield’s Spectral blast to kill them except for the fourth one which can be found in the basement of Citadel or next to the voltmeter on the docks.

To kill the slow chirping bird, you’ll be required to get zombie blood, which is obtained by the same cabinet in the spiral staircase of the citadel by inserting the code ‘872’. Once the blood is acquired, use it in front of the bird and shoot the bird with the Hell’s Retriever to receive the Kronorium book.


Shoot the bird when you hear an audio of the Warden laughing or crying.

Step #12: Anger and Bargaining

Once the Kronorium book is acquired book is acquired, head back to the secret room in the Warden’s house and place the book on the corpse. As soon as the pages start turning, take out your shield and use the spectral vision to stop the pages and see a number.

Memorize those numbers and once again head back to the spirit staircase in the Citadel and insert those numbers to reveal a few portals spawn around the map.

The locations for the orbs are Docks, the Warden’s office, the Shower area, the New Industries Building, and the first Power House. Use the Shield to shock a portal and begin a challenge to be completed for the main Easter Egg in Blood of the Dead.

Docks (Morse Code Puzzle)

After shocking the orb at the Docks, look at the seaside to watch a light blinking in a certain sequence. Memorize the sequence and head inside the western corner of the Warden’s Office to find a table with a small lever on it. Insert the correct Morse code to spot a ghost ship arriving at the docks.


If you enter the wrong code into the lever, you can hear the Warden laughing. If it’s the correct code, your character will say a certain dialogue.

The next step is to head on over to the prison and head inside the room with the bathtub that we used to upgrade the spoon. Use the shield’s Spectral vision to spot a ghost and, after spotting, shock him with the shield. Feed the spirit with zombies and follow him until he reaches the docks where the ship is.

Keep on feeding him zombies until he boards the ship and gives you a red orb. Take the orb back to the corpse and place it onto the book to reveal the next codes for the challenge. Use spectral vision to view the three-digit code and insert it into the number terminal in the spiral staircase.

Power House (Samantha Says)

For the second challenge players will be required to head over to the first Power Room and electric bash the shield. This will result in the beginning of a new challenge where players will be required to play a game of Simon Says with a spirit known as Samantha.

Head inside the Power House and interact with the generators. Upon doing some of the generators will turn on a light, and one will flicker. Ignore the flickering one and memorize the ones that have a consistent turned-on light.

This will happen five times, and each time, the number of generators with a turned-on light will increase by one. So, the first time will be one, the second will be two, and so forth.

After doing it for the fifth time, you will see 3 of the machines light up. Note the logic gate symbols on the machines. Grab the card that is present on the shelf and head to the room upstairs. Place this card into the Gorod Krovi computer.

The monitors will light up, and a symbol will appear on each one of them. There will be 2 symbols of each type. You must match the symbols from the previous room to this one.

Once matched, head to the spawn power room, and you will see that the ghost is trying to pull levels. Shield blast it when you see the ghost pulling the lever that corresponds to one of your symbols.

Repeat it 3 times, and a red orb will spawn in front of the last lever you shield blasted.

New Industries (Key sucking)

The New Industries challenge is by far one of the easiest to complete. Head inside the New Industries building after zapping the portal to make a ghost spawn in the prison.

Zap the zombie with the shield to make him move and continue using the Warden’s Key on him to stop him from picking up a weapon and killing a fellow zombie spirit.


It is recommended to do this step when there are fewer zombies on the map as the spirit will take you through narrow pathways to reach the New Industries building.

Keep on zapping him until it turns red and reaches the New Industries building. As soon as it enters the building, use the electric trap in the building to kill him and collect the red orb.

Warden’s Office (Escort)

Once the third challenge is complete, head to the Warden’s Office and shock the red portal to make a ghost spawn in the cafeteria area of the prison. Enter Spectral vision to spot the spirit and shock him to begin the challenge.

Simply escort the zombie and begin killing zombies coming your way. Do note that if the spirit turns red, he’ll disappear, failing the challenge.


Make sure to have the Magmagat to easily wipe out hordes of the zombies coming your way. Your weapon will not damage the ghost.

Showers (Soul Box)

For the last challenge for the main Easter Egg of Blood of the Dead, head on over to the shower area and shock the red portal with the shield to make a spirit spawn holding a banjo.

Take the banjo from him, and a blue circle will spawn in the area. Head inside the circle and kill zombies around it to collect souls for the banjo. Once full, return the banjo and retrieve the last red orb.

If you somehow start to take damage and your screen becomes a bit red, then simply return the banjo to the ghost and take it back to restart the challenge.

Step #13: Get the Summoning Key

Once all the challenges are complete, head over to the secret room in the Warden’s House and interact with the sitting corpse in the secret room. This will reveal a summoning key and a small cut scene will play where you’ll be stuck inside the prison cell at Alcatraz.

The bluebird will make a comeback, providing you with all of your weapons and gear. Simply take the stuff and defeat the two Brutus coming your way to receive another red orb.

Take those orbs and run back to Richtofen’s lab in the spawn area and place the orbs on the map to reveal a secret door that leads to the final Boss battle with the Warden in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies.


Before heading into the boss fight, make sure you’re fully loaded on perks and gear. PaP all your guns and craft any buildable left before the fight.

Step #14: Defeat the Warden

The Warden’s fight will take place in three stages, and with each phase, the number of zombies and Brutus will increase. In the first phase, all you have to do is kill four Brutus.

Upon doing so, he will reveal the Warden, and he’ll be enchanting three red orbs. Shoot the 2 red orbs and shock the white orb to commence phase 2.


Use the Magmagat to kill Brutus by firing two shots on the ground just before Brutus arrives to incinerate it.

In phase 2, the number of Brutus required to be killed will be eight. Once killed the Warden will spawn. Shoot the orbs and shock the last one.

Once done, interact with the machine in the center to spawn as a Clown version of Richtofen in the prison. Make your way back to the fight and keep on spamming the Magmagat at the Warden to defeat him.

This will mark an end to the hardest Easter Egg on the Blood of the Dead map in COD BO4 zombies.


Completing the Blood of the Dead Easter Egg unlocks the Most Escape Alive achievement.

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